Anil Tombak, MD

Associate Professor

Department of Internal Medicine – Hematology

Mersin University Medical Faculty

Mersin, Turkey


Associate Doctor Anil Tombak, M.D. was born on April 25, 1976. He was graduated from Gazi Anatolian High School at 1994 and then graduated from Çukurova University Medical Faculty at 2000. After that, he was trained at Mersin University Medical Faculty Internal Medicine Department, and after Internal Medicine specialization, became a fellow of Hematology at the same University. He became a hematologist in 2013 and still working at Mersin University Medical Faculty, Department of Internal Medicine – Hematology, Mersin, Turkey. Associate Doctor Anil Tombak is married and has two children.

Research Interest

Scientific Activities

1. Clinical Research First Prize, International Eurasian Hematology Congress, 2013-06-19, Antalya, Turkey.
1. Turkish Society of Gastroenterology, 2007-06-19, Antalya, Turkey.
2. Turkish Society of Hematology, 2010-09-19, Antalya, Turkey.
3. Turkish Society of Hematology, 2013-06-19, Antalya, Turkey.
4. Turkish Society of Apheresis, 2013-06-19, Kıbrıs, Turkey.
5. Geriatric Hematology Young Investigator Award, Geriatric Hematology Society, 2014-06-19, Ankara, Turkey.
6. Jury, HOD, 2015-09-24, Kıbrıs, Turkey.
Memberships in Scientific Organizations
1. Hematological Oncology Association, Member No: 100, Turkey, 2016-03-07-Continue.
2. Turkish hematology association, Member No: 766, Turkey, 2007-06-07-Continue.
1. Certificate of Good Clinical Practice, Minister of Health, 01, 2016-06-19.
2. Course on Use of Experimental Animals, Mersin University, 000042, 2014-07-04


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International - Chaper(s) in Book (Translated)
1. Tombak, A. Case-Based Hematology, ISBN: 9786053971207, Akademisyen Kitabevi, Number of print: 1, Total Printing Number: 500, 197 Page, Turkish, İstanbul, Turkey, 2012.
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