Bashir Mahmoud Rezk Atteia

Associate Professor of Biology-Tenure

Natural Sciences Department

Southern University at New Orleans

6400 Press Drive

New Orleans, LA. 70126


Dr. Atteia has an experience for 15 years in the area of experimental oncology and experimental therapeutics, the mechanisms of cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases including but not limited to erectile dysfunction and experience for 2 years in the cellular therapeutics. Dr. Bashir Mahmoud Rezk Atteia attained his B.Sc. degree from the Faculty of Science, Cairo University in May 1995. As evidence of his early unique distinction, he received a scholarship for the Master program from the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in the Pharmacology and Experimental Oncology Unit, National Cancer Insititute, Cancer Biology Department, Cairo University (1996-2000). In this particular stage, he studied the effects of propionyl-L-carnitine on adriamycin-induced cardiotoxicity. The study evaluated the alteration of fatty acid and glucose metabolism induced by adriamycin in isolated cardiac myocytes and mitochondria. This study also identified the mechanism by which propionyl-L-carnitine could protect against adriamycin-induced cardiotoxicity. In July 2000, he successfully completed his master program (Cairo University) culminating in the publication of the work; this work has been cited numerous times by experts in the field. In 2000-2001 Dr. Atteia served as a co-investigator in the project of experimental oncology and cancer drug screening in the unit of Pharmacology and Experimental Oncology (National Cancer Institute). During this time, he awarded a prestigious scholarship to join the Ph.D. program in human toxicology from the Netherlands’ Foundation on Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases (Faculty of Medicine, Maastricht University, The Netherlands). After only three years (i.e. 2004), Dr. Atteia completed his thesis entitled “Antioxidants and their metabolites: Some toxicological aspects” and was awarded a PhD degree in Biomedical Sciences and Human Toxicology. The work performed in the PhD thesis focused on the beneficial effects of antioxidants and the need to understand the molecular mechanism of these effects and determination of nutricophores of the nutrient antioxidants. A nutricophore is defined as a specific structural element of a nutrient where the biochemical activity that is responsible for the health-promoting effect of that compound resides. This work resulted in the publication of five (5) articles in high-rank journals. These publications are frequently cited by experts in the field. In June 2005 Dr. Atteia was recruited by the Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics of the LSU Health Sciences Centre (New Orleans, LA). During this period he published several articles and one review article in high-rank journals in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Lucchesi and Prof. Dr. Boulares. After his tenure at LSU Health Sciences Centre, he joined the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Patrice Delafontaine, Head of Heart and Vascular Institute and Chair of Internal Medicine Department at Tulane University (New Orleans, LA). Dr. Atteia was the first researcher in the Heart and Vascular Institute to perform research work on diaphragmatic skeletal muscles and skeletal muscle stem cell. He established and optimized the GFP transgenic bone marrow transplantation into irradiated mice. Part of this research work has been published in 2013. Currently, Dr. Atteia is Associate Professor at Southern University of New Orleans.

Research Interest

My research interests are Experimental and Cellular Therapeutics for vascular diseases and cancers. Other research areas: erectile dysfunction, men’s infertility, bone marrow transplantations, pharmacology and experimental therapeutics (cardiovascular diseases), human toxicology, the chemistry of antioxidants and their metabolites, experimental oncology and cancer drug screening, cancer drug monitoring, tracking of cardiac mitochondrial β-oxidation pathways in health and diseases using radioactive 14C.

Scientific Activities

Special Activities and Awards
1. Review Editor: Journal: Frontiers in Pharmacology, section Experimental Pharmacology and Drug Discovery, 09/2015
2. Associate Editor: Toxicology and Forensic Medicine - Open Journal (TFMOJ), November 2015.
3. Awarded Presidential Scientific Prize, Arab Republic of Egypt. (1998)
4. Awarded: Most Outstanding Researcher in 2016 at Southern University at New Orleans.
5. Awarded the Prize of Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in the development of the Egyptian villages. (1993)
6. Awarded the Cairo University Prize in the pollution of the Nile River: Problem and Solution. (1994)
7. Awarded Scientific prize of Southern Society for Clinical Investigation and International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences (2009)
8. A journalist in the Egyptian Press. (1997)
9. Attended an intensive training program in the addiction and clinical toxicology as a lecturer and a student. Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. (2005)
10. Attended the conference of the development of the Scientific Research in Egypt (2005)
11. Attended American Heart Association meeting 2009. Ernest N. Morial Convention Center - New Orleans, Nov 8-12, 2008
12. Reviewer and co-reviewer for several Journals and Grants (2006-present):
Florida Biomedical Research Grants
Kansas Biomedical Research Enhancement Funds
Cardiovascular Research
Circulation Research
Journal of Diabetes and its Complications
Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry
Journal of Andrology
Journal of Sexual Medicine

1. National Science Education Leadership Association (NSELA)
2. American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC)
3. The National Institute of Science (NIS) and the Beta Kapp Chi Scientific Honor Society
4. American Heart Association (AHA)
5. American Society of Nutrition (ASN)
6. American Association of Anatomists (AAA)
7. American Federation for Medical Research/Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (AFMR/SCCI)
8. Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine (SFRBM)
9. American Society of Andrology (ASA)
10. Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA)


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