Dr. K. RAMAKRISHNA, B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD

Professor of CSE & Head CIE

CMR College of Engineering and Technology

Kandlakoya, Medchal, Hyderabad – 501401



Dr. Ramakrishna Kolikipogu, Professor of CSE & Head of Center for Innovation and Entreprenership(CIE), CMR College of Engineering &; Technology has received B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D in Computer Science & Information Technology from JNTU Hyderabad & It's affiliated Institutions. He is a member of various professional bodies like IEEE, ACM, CSTA, ISTE, CSI, IACSIT, IEE, AIRCC, IAENG, FIRE and few more. He is serving as an Editorial member to various International and National journals of repute. Apart from these he is continuously serving couple of National &; International Conferences as Advisory Committee member, TPC member & organizing member. To the credit he has published more than 50 research papers. He has received a best IEEE paper AWARD in 2013 for his research paper presentation in 15 th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Computing Technologies (ICACT-2013),India. His area of Interest includes Information Retrieval Systems, Information Security, Web Mining, Machine Learning etc. Apart from professional services, Dr.K.Ramakrishna felt responsible to sensitize the poorest of the poor and become social worker by starting MUNDHADUGU NGO, through which he is educating underprivileged in rural parts of India. He has written a book for school children “Computer Fundamentals & Programming Concepts - Children Perspective ” in 2015 and trained more than 5000 govt schools students in the last 3 years. He is a core committee member of SWAEROES International Alumni Association serve based on 10 guiding principles as 10 Commandments. He visited more than 200-schools to spread the importance of modern education and transforming weaker section students into brilliant cult by teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) concepts through computer technologies. He believes in “LEARN TODAY, LEAD TOMORROW”.

Research Interest

Information Retrieval, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Information Security

Scientific Activities


• Appointed as Head, CMRCET - Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) on 21st Dec 2017.
• Ratified as Associate Professor in 2017 in CMR College of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad by JNTUH.
• Ratified as Associate Professor in 2016 in Sridevi Women’s Engineering College, Hyderabad by JNTUH.
• DB2 Certification (9-Fundamentals) from IBM in June 2009.
• Rational Rose Professional Certification from IBM software Education Team in 2010.
• FET-2010 Qualified Conducted by JNT University.
• Ratified as Asst. Prof. for Sai Spurthi Institute of Technology by the JNTU on 10th April’06.
• Ratified as Asst. Prof. for CMR Institute of Engineering & Technology by the JNTU on 12th Sep’10.
• Ratified as Asst. Prof. for Sridevi Women’s Engineering College by the JNTU on 18th December’12.
• Received best teacher of Computer Science & Engineering award for the A.Y 2006-07 at Sai Spurthi Institute of Technology, Sathupalli.
• Computation, Scripting Languages.

Professional Memberships:
• Member of IEEE (92513733)
• Member of ACM (2267635)
• Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE).
• Life Member of Computer Science and Technology Teacher’s Association(CSTA), ACM, New Yark.
• Member of ACM – SIGIR (Special Interested Group in Information Retrieval ), ACM, New Yark.
• Member of International Association of Engineers(IAENG)
• Member of International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT)
• Member of WARSE
• Scientific Board Member of International Institute of Engineers.
• Editor of NCRTCST-2012 Conference Proceedings (3-volumes).
• Guest Editor for InterScience Open Access Journals (IAOJ), Bhubaneswar, India.
• Guest Editor for IJCCT (ISSN : 2231 – 0371), Volume 3, Issue 1, 2012.
• Guest Editor for IJCSI (2231 –5292) Volume. 2 Issue. 1, 2.
• Member Editor of IJECCE ISSN 2249—071X, Reviewed 15 Papers for this Journal
• Editorial board Member of IJEIR –International Journal of Engineering Innovations and Research-ISSN:2277-5668.
• Reviewer for International Journal of Computer and Engineering Research, ISSN 2141- 6494.
• Reviewer for International Journal of Computational Linguistics, ISSN 2141- 6494.
• Edited two volumes of IJCCT, IJCSI, Interscience Open Access Journals.
• All together reviewed more than 100 Research Paper for various International Journals and Conferences.


1) Ramakrishna Kolikipogu, Padmaja Rani B et al., Vector Space Model for Telugu Information Retrieval system, International Journal of Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Sciences (IJETMAS), ISSN:2349-4476, Vol 1, No 1, Pp:1-22.
2) Ramakrishna Kolikipogu, Durga Prasad.P, Decision List Algorithm for Word Sense Disambiguation for TELUGU Natural Language Processing, IJECCE (ISSN:2249-071X), Vol 4, Issue 6, Pp:176-180.
3) Ramakrishna Kolikipogu, Padmaja Rani B et al.,Study of Indexing Techniques to improve the Performance of Information Retrieval in Telugu Language, International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering (IJETAE), ISSN : 2250-2459, ISO 9001:2008 Certified Journal Vol 3, Issue 1, Pp:482-491.
4) Ramakrishna Kolikipogu, Padmaja Rani B et al., A Survey on Query Expansion Techniques : Information Retrieval in Indian Languages, International Journal of Advanced Computing (IJAC) , ISSN:0975-7686,Vol 4, Issue 4, Pp: 77-90.
5) Ramakrishna Kolikipogu, Padmaja Rani B et al., Dynamic vs Static Term-Expansion using Semantic Resources in Information Retrieval, Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology (Software & Data Engineering), ISSN : 0975-4172, Vol 13, Issue 4, Pp: 25-31.
6) Ramakrishna Kolikipogu, Padmaja Rani B et al., Pseudo Relevance Feedback by linking WordNet for Expanding Queries in Information Retrieval Process, International Journal of Modeling and Optimization, ISSN: 2010-3697, Vol. 3, No. 5.
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11) Kolikipogu Ramakrishna et al, Personalized Website Ranking System Using Link References, International Journal of Advanced Computing (IJAC),ISSN:0975-7686,Vol 4,Issue-2.
12) M.V.Naik & Kolikipogu Ramakrishna et al, An approach for retrieve desired answers related to temporal questions, International Journal of Advanced Computing (IJAC),ISSN:0975-7686,Vol 4,Issue-2.
13) K.Ramakrishna,Dr.B.Padmaja Rani, Information Retrieval in Indian Languages :A survey on Query Expansion Techniques by taking Telugu as a Case Study, International Journal of Advanced Computing(IJAC), Volume 2, Issue 4.
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17) Ramakrishna Kolikipogu, Sangeetha Singh, A Novel and Probabilistic Approach for Searching using Instant Fuzzy and Proximity, IJSEIR, ISSN:2319-8885, Vol-04, Issue-22, Pp:4131-4134.
18) V.Kusuma, Ramakrishna Kolikipogu, Secure Data Accessing over Outsourced Public Cloud Data using KDC, International Journal of Advanced Technology and Innovative Research, ISSN:2348-2370, Vol 7, Issue 6, Pp: 0880-0884.
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20) K Ramakrishna, Telugu Text Categorization using Language Models,Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 2016,Volume 16 Issue 4,0975-4172
21) K Ramakrishna, Multiple Approach to Detect Duplicates in CD-Dataset,International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science , 2016, 2456-1908
22) Kolikipogu Ramakrishna, Sarigari Sucharitha, Sarcastic Sentiment Analysis in Social Media Streaming Data, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems (Scopus), ISSN : 1943-023X, Special Issue : 18, Pp:292-305

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