Dr. Khalaf Yasin Al-Zyoud

Albalqaa Applied University

Marka Ashamalya P. O.Box 15008 Amman 11134, Jordan


- 2001-2002: Head of Electrical Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering Technology / Al-Balqa’ Applied University.
- 2002-2004: assistant dean for student affairs at The Faculty of Engineering Technology / Al-Balqa’ Applied University.
- 2005-2009: Assistant professor at The Faculty of Engineering Technology / Al-Balqa’ Applied University.
- Supreme Advisory Board member of the National Programmed for outstanding initiatives

- Holds a Masters of Excellence Award and achievement at the national level
For the year 2006
- Supreme Advisory Board member of the national program for the development
and excellence
- 2010: Jordanian Parliament member
- 2010-2012: Reporter of Energy committee of Jordanian Parliament
- 2010-2012: A member of the education committee in the Jordanian parliament
- 2013-2018: Ass. Prof. at Al-Balgaa Applied Univ. Faculty of Engineering
- 2018: Head of Energy Committee at Talal Abu-Gazaleh Knowledge forum
- 2018: Editorial Board member for “Electrical and Electronics Technology
Open access Journal.”USA

Research Interest

High Voltage Engineering, Power Control System, Power Analysis

Scientific Activities

- 1993-1997. Scholarship from Ministry of High Education (Ph. D. programs), for High Voltage Engineering and Transformers, ((The program was completed in English Language)).
- 1992. Scholarship from Ministry of High Education (Special Course In “Automation – PLC”, Italy).


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