Dr. Panayiotis (Panos) ECONOMOU

Clinical Professor of Surgery
Foundation Chair, Department of Surgery
University of Nicosia Medical School
Honorary Senior Lecturer, St George’s, University of London
CY-1700, Nicosia, Cyprus


I studied medicine in the (UK) United Kingdom (University of Manchester) being awarded an Honours degree. I trained in the UK as a surgeon and became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons FRCS (Edinburgh) (currently also a member of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers) and FRCS (England) (currently also a member of the board of examiners). Moving to Cyprus I founded a small private Surgical Hospital which I still run today. For many years there was no opportunity for medical research so I did research in engineering and achieved an international patent on a new kind of transmission. I am an active member of the Council of the Cyprus Surgical Society (also ex-president) and helped organize multiple international surgical conferences. With the advent of the first Medical School in 2011, I started teaching surgical anatomy and surgery and set up the Department of Surgery of which I am the Foundation Chair.

Research Interest

Areas of Concentration / Research Interests:
Teaching: Medical / Surgical Education.
Surgery: Especially thyroid, breast, hernia, pilonidal sinus, hemorrhoids, fissure in ano, laparoscopic cholecystectomy and laparoscopic varicocele operations.

Scientific Activities

Awards / Distinctions
The Dickinson Trust Prize in Pharmacology, The Medical Defense Union Nationwide Finalists, August 1981,
Awards Competition on Medico legal Matters, May 1984.


United States of America Patient US 9,027,427 B2 “Gear-based Continuously Engaged Variable Transmission” Granted May 2015
United States of America Patent Application 2010 US2010275712 (Published 4/11/2010) National Number 12667674 (http://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/biblio?CC=US&NR=2010275712&KC=&FT=E&locale=en_EP
European Patent Office (EPO) 2010 EP2171310 (Published 7/4/2010, Granted 1/12/2010) National Number 2007764309 (https://data.epo.org/publication-server/getpdf.jsp?pn=2171310&ki=B1&cc=EP)
PCT/WIPO WO2009/003426 (http://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/WO2009003426)
Gear-Based Continuously Engaged Variable Transmission. Published 8/1/2009
Economou P. Haemorrhoids – Give them a second chance? Gastroenterology and Digest Dis Open Access J. (2018); 1(1): 00001

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