Dr. Satish Dinkarao Deshmukh

Associate Professor

Department of General Surgery

NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre Lata Mangeshkar Hospital

Digdoh hill, Hingna Road, Nagpur



Research Interest

Scientific Activities

AWARD – Versatile Teacher of College NKP SLMS & RH 2012


• Study of Asymptomatic Bacteria in patients undergoing urology surgery.
• Study of Bacteriological profile in appendisectomy specimen.
• Audit of perforation peritonitis in a rural setup at NKPSIMS and RC Nagpur for 2010-2012, Journal of evaluation of medical and dental sciences/vol.2/ issue 12/march 25,2013, page1895-1900 Original Article
• Lump in the abdomen-rare presentation of an abdominal cocoon, AFB NEWS-JANUARY –JUNE 2013
• Spontaneous Rupture Of Liver Abscess Mimicking Perforation Of Bowel (Pneumoperitoneum): A Case Report, PJMS VOL.4, NO. 2 JULY-DEC.2014
• Duodenal Polyp: Tubulovillous Adenoma: A Rare Case Of Gastric Outlet Obstruction, JDMIMSU. VOL.10 NO.1 2015
• Botromycosis-A Rare Case Report, The Journal Of Datta Meghe Institute Of Medical Sciences University, September 2015
• Gangrene of all 20 digits: a review of the literature with a rare presentation of two cases, Journal of evidence-based med and healthcare, vol 2/ issue 38/sept 21,2015, page 6132-6137
• A Comparative Study Of Single Layer Continuous Sutures Versus Double Layer Interrupted Sutures In Intestinal Anastomosis, Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research ISSN: 2229-3809
• Giant sebaceous Horn on Scalp; A review of literature, J of Evaluation of Med and Den. Sci/ Eissn- 2278-4802
• Segmental lateral internal sphincterotomy: New technique for the treatment of chronic anal fissure-Clinical outcome and review of literature, IJSS JOURNAL OF SURGERY/MAY –JUNE 2016/VOL.2 /ISSUE 3:30-33
• Spigelian Hernia: A Rare Traumatic Abdominal Wall Hernia
• Parotid Haemangioma: A Rare Salivary Gland Tumor
• Radiological and Clinical Evaluation of Longstanding Diabetic patients for Limbs Ischemia and abdominal vessel involvement at NKPSALVE Institute of Medical Sciences, NGP Original Article
• Non-Toxic Goitre: Causes, Clinical Evaluation, and Management Original Article

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