Dr. Sayed Abdel Moniem Tantawy Mosa

Professor and Director of Physiotherapy

Center of Radiation Oncology& Nuclear Medicine

Cairo University

Giza City, Giza, Egypt


Sayed Tantawy was born in 1965. He was graduated from the Faculty of Physiotherapy, Cairo University in 1987, and finished his internship, AIR Force Military Hospital, Cairo in 1998. Then, he worked as a physiotherapist in Al-tawfikia Hospital, Cairo, and chief of physiotherapy, physical medicine, and locomotor system, Ahamed Shawky Hospital, Mohandeseen, Giza from 1987 to 1991. He works as chief of physiotherapy Sarat Abidha General Hospital, Abha, and sports injuries specialist, Sakr Algazera Club, Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1991-1995). Dr. Sayed finished his master's degree in 2002 which was titled “Pressure Ulcers Responses to Iontophoresis”, Cairo University. He worked as chairman of the physiotherapy department, orthopedic department, Cairo University and physiotherapy consultant, Tantawy Physiotherapy Center, Haram, Giza. Dr. Sayed finished his Ph.D. in 2006 which was titled “Effect of Anal Electrical Stimulation on Pressure Time Curve of the Pelvic Floor Muscles in Post Traumatic Faecal Incontinence”, Cairo University. In 2007, he worked as vice director of physical therapy for training, teaching, and scientific research, Cairo University Hospitals. From 2008 to 2009, Prof Tantawy worked as a physical therapy director in Kasr El-Eini of Radiation, Oncology, and Nuclear Medicine, Cairo University and worked also as an assistant professor of physiotherapy, Kasr El Aini Hospital, Cairo University. Dr. Tantawy moved to work at Ahlia University in 2009 as an assistant professor of physiotherapy and promoted in Cairo and Ahlia University to associate professor of physiotherapy in 2012. He is also serving as Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner CKTP Elite CKT Association, Secretary-General of Egyptian Association of Physical Therapy & Medical Rehabilitation and he is a member of The Mediterranean Society of Pelvic Floor Disorders and Egyptian Physical Therapy Syndicate. Prof Tantawy is a reviewer in many international journals as the Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy and International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation Research IJTRR. Prof Sayed is also a member in the Editorial Board of many international journals as Romanian Journal of Physiotherapy, International Journal of Rehabilitation Sciences, International Research of Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation International, International Journal of Physiotherapy and Research, and International Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Research Interest

Cancer Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy for Surgery, Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions

Scientific Activities

Award winner of the distinguished scientist for the contribution and achievement of in the field of physiotherapy from Venus International Foundation (Center for
Advanced Research& Design 2015).
Professional Membership
Member of the Arab Association of Urology.
Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner CKTP Elite.
Egyptian Physical Therapy Syndicate.
Secretary-General of Egyptian Association of Physical Therapy & Medical Rehabilitation.
The Mediterranean Society of Pelvic Floor Disorders.


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Published Books
Rehabilitation for Fecal Incontinence, ISBN-13: 978-3659933929, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, OmniScriptum GmbH& Co. KG, BahnhofstraBe 28, 66111, Saarbrucken, Germany, 2016.
Abdominopelvic Cavity Concept in Urinary Incontinence Rehabilitation, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, OmniScriptum GmbH& Co. KG, BahnhofstraBe 28, 66111, Saarbrucken, Germany, 2016.
Role of Exercise in Menopause 1st edition, Cairo, Egypt, 2008.

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