Dr. Shivam Priyadarshi

Professor & Unit Head

Dept. Of Urology

SMS Medical College & Hospital, Jaipur



Research Interest

Scientific Activities

Awards and Honors:
1 Junior prosector Anatomy R.G.K.Medical College 1982-83
2 N.K.Das Silver Medal Pharmacology -DO- 1984-85
3 Nandlal Scholarship Pharmacology -DO- 1984-85
4 Cash Prize Pharmacology -DO-1986-87 1984-85
5 N.Basu Scholarship Gynae & Obst. -DO- 1986-87
6 Senior Class Assistant Gynae & Obst. -DO- 1986-87
7 M.Dutta Scholarship Surgery -DO- 1986-87
8 S.Dutta Silver Medal Surgery -DO- 1986-87
9 Rakhal Das Silver Medal Medicine -DO- 1986-87
10 A.K.Banerjee Gold Medal Proficiency in
University Exam -DO- 1986-87
11 T.R.Memoril Silver Medal Gynae & Obst. R.G.K.M.C. Ex Students Association 1987-88
12 Cash Prize Gynae & Obst. -DO- 1987-88
13 S.M.Memorial Silver Medal Gynae & Obst. -DO- 1987-88
14 N.K.Chaterjee Silver Medal Gynae & Obst. -DO- 1987-88
15 Governer Silver Meadl Grand Total -DO- 1987-88
16 K.K.Ghosh Gold Medal Grand Total -DO- 1987-88
17 S.Gupta Memorial Silver Medal Medicine -DO- 1987-88
18 Cash Prize Medicine -DO- 1987-88
19 Cash Prize Grand Total -DO- 1987-88
20 C.D.Jain Silver Medal Medicine -DO- 1987-88
21 PG Medical Gold Medal Topper Pfizer 1991-92
22 Marudhara Urology Award for Best Paper Sigmoid
Neo bladder N Z Chapter ,USI 1995
23 Best paper A novel & cheap vasoactive drug for prolonged erection Council of Sex education and parenthood(International) 2003
24 Best poster
Oral terbutaline in management of prolonged erection Council of Sex education and parenthood(International) 2003
25 Dr.Farooq Abdullah Best research paper
Award Oral terbutaline in management of pr. erection S.M.S.Medical College and hospital,Jaipur 2004-05
26 Emerging medical scientist award National academy of medical sciences 2017


1. Hargovind Singh Travel Fellowship NZ chapter,USI 1997
2. International Chakraborty Fellowship Indian American 2000
Urology Association
3. USI Member Travel fellowship USI 2009

• Workshop on Hypospadius,Feb.1997,Dr.S.N.Medical College,Jodhpur
• Video wokshop on Male Infertility & Impotence-Nov.1997,Dr. S.N.Medical College.Jodhpur
• Andro-India-97,Nov.1997-National Congress of Andrology,Jodhpur
• Sexcon Jaipur2008:24th National conference of sexology 19-21 Sept,2008:Joint secretary
• Symposium on Hand washing and Infection control: Global hand washing day 15th Oct.2008, JMA, S.M.S.Med. Coll. & Hospital
• STERRICON 2010: CME on Sterilisation practices and hospital infection control,SMS medical college ,Jaipur,22ndJan,2010
• CME. –Urology update on 7th August,2010, JMA, Jaipur by JUA

• American Urological Association ( 00942147)
• Societe Internationale D’ Urologie (7672c)
• Asian urological society
• International society of Sexual medicine( ISSM)
• South Asian Society of Sexual Medicine ( SASSM)
• Urological Society of India (S220FL)
• All India Surgeons’ Assoc. (FA 8801
• Andrology Society of India
• Indian society for the study of reproduction and fertility( LM 1343 )
• North Zone Chapter ,USI (NZ P12F)
• Council of sex education & parenthood(CSEPI) LM-163
• Jaipur Urological Society


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Books/Articles other than journals:

1. Newer Therapeutic Alternatives in BPH: Rajasthan Medical Probe
2. Male Sexual Dysfunction: Rajasthan Priyadarshi S: A novel and cheap vasoactive drug combination for pharmacological erection;Medical Probe.
3. Male Infertility- an overview:Souvenir of Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences,Jaipur,2001.
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6. Male infertility-an overview.Souvenir of USICON 2002
7. “ Nanpunsukta lailaj nahin” Health View newsletter(Hindi)
8. “Purush santanhinta” Health View newsletter(Hindi)
9. “ Kya sex swasthyawardhak ?” Health View newsletter(Hindi)
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11. Bladder,bowel and sexual rehabilitation in spinal injury, Souvenir of Neurotrauma society of India,2009
12. “ Prostate enlargement ya BPH”-MRITUNJAYA, Aug,2009 by Rajashan Cancer relief Society

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