Dr. Subhas Singh

Reader and HoD

Organon of Medicine

National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata



Research Interest

Scientific Activities

Topper at Calcutta University. Awarded the ORDER OF MERIT by University of Calcutta, 1994.


PUBLISHED ARTICLE/RESEARCH WORK: More than 50 National & International published papers.
BOOKS: Authored/Edited/Translated
1. Mind – a Simplified Study
2. Doctor-Patient Relationship - the Concept
3. Carcinosin
4. Samuel Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine: A Study in its History & Evolution
5. Textbook of an Introduction to the study of Homoeopathic Materia Medica
6. Textbook of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, Volume – I
7. Corrected, Re-translated and Redacted edition of 6th & 5th edition of Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine
8. Questions on Organon of Medicine (Aphorisms 1-70)
9. 1st Edition of Organon of Medicine by Samuel Hahnemann
10. Further help to the study of Allen’s Keynotes

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