Dr. Umesha Boregowda

Academic Hospitalist
Department of Medicine
Bassett Medical Center
Cooperstown, NY, USA


Dr. Umesha Boregowda is a board-certified internist practicing as an academic hospitalist at Bassett Medical Center.
He has been practicing in this job for the last 5 years and has interested in continuing his research in the field of gastroenterology and COVID-19.
He enjoys teaching medical students and medical residents.

Research Interest

Gastroenterology and COVID-19

Scientific Activities

• President-house staff association, 2013-2014, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
• The best anatomy student of year-2004, Department of anatomy, Bangalore medical college and research institute
• Class topper, Class 10 board exam
• Scholarship for academic excellence with free boarding and high school education from Govt. of Karnataka, India
• Scholarship for academic excellence; Mandya District, Karnataka, India
• Scholarship for medical education from Govt. of Karnataka, India


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