Faroug Bakheit Mohamed Ahmed, PhD

Faculty of Science & Technology

Shendi University



Academic Qualifications:
Ph.D. (Field): Biochemistry.
Department: Biotechnology.
University: El-neelain University.
City: Khartoum.
Country: Sudan.
Year of Graduation: 2010.
Thesis Title: Iodine deficiency disorders among basic schools’ children in Shendi area, Northern Sudan.
Special area: Teaching biochemistry and organic chemistry courses for undergraduate students (sciences and technology, medicine and education).

Work Experience:
Position: Associate professor.
Department: Biochemistry.
University: Shendi university.
Main duties: Teaching (Associate professor of biochemistry and organic chemistry)
Period: from July. 2015 up to date.

Professional experince:
Position: Deputy dean of graduate studies college and scientific research.
Faculty: Graduate studies.
University: Shendi University.
Period: 2016 – up to now.

Position: Administrator of scientific research management .
Faculty: Graduate studies.
University: Shendi University.
Period: 2016 – up to now.

Research Interest

Scientific Activities

Conferences, workshops and training courses:
• Training course on writing and financing research projects (scientific research strategy, research groups, open electronic publishing, research ethics, writing and financing scientific paper, scientific observation and research incubators. supervision of scientific research and innovation authority, the ministry of higher education and scientific research. Shendi University; 20-21 September 2018.
• Course in the calibration of three instruments (U.V. visible, IR spectrophotometer and gas chromatography) at Avamed for medical industries, Khartoum, Sudan.
• The first national conference in bioinformatics and genomics in Sudan, college of veterinary medicine, University of Bahri, 27th – 28th Nov2017.
• Third international scientific conference of camel research and production, police club, Deanship of scientific research, Sudan University of science and technology, Khartoum, Sudan.21st – 23rd November 2017.
• Workshop curriculum development and modernization of the college departments and the creation of biotechnology department, 2014.
• Workshop preparation and revision of Science and Technology Courses.
• A friend of the international union of biochemistry and molecular biology (IUBMB).
- Supervision and assessment of multi thesis for undergraduates and postgraduate in biochemistry, nutrition, and organic chemistry.


Published scientific papers
Dr. Faroug Bakheit Mohamed Ahmed has many published paper in biochemistry and nutrition field.

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