Francesc Minguell Martín

Graduate in Veterinary Medicine

Zaragoza University

Barcelona, Spain


 Veterinary Clinic:
Has been working since 1982 in Small Animal’s Veterinary Clinic. Currently is Managing Director of “Sabavet, SL”, Veterinary reference clinic in Acupuncture and Natural Medicine, in Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain).
 Professor at University:
• Coordinator and Professor of Veterinary Acupuncture Postgrade Course at Veterinary Faculty of Universitat Autònoma in Barcelona.
• Professor in Veterinary Acupuncture Diplomate in Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá
• Professor in Master in Medical Acupuncture at Lleida University.

 Lecturer about Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Integrative Veterinary Medicine in:
• France: AFVAC (French Small Animal’s Veterinary Association) Congresses, Courses GEAO (French Veterinary Acupuncture Study Group), VAM (Mediterranean Veterinary Acupuncturists) Annual Meetings
• Italy: Annual Congresses of SIAV (Societá Italiana di Agopuntura Veterinaria) and Veterinary Meeting in Palermo (Sicily, Italy)
• Portugal: Annual Meeting of Veterinary Acupuncture in Porto, Nutraceutical Medicine Meeting in Lisboa.
• Bulgary: 50th Congress of Bulgar Medical Acupuncture Society, 1st Bulgar Veterinary Acupuncture Meeting, 30th ICMART (International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques) Congress
• Greece, Teacher at Veterinary Acupuncture Diplomate, Lecturer in Greek Medical Acupuncture Society Meeting, 29th ICMART Congress
• Brazil, Annual Meeting of ABRAVET, Brazilian Small Animal’s Veterinary Association
• Colombia, Teacher at First Veterinary Acupuncture University Diplomate in Bogotá
• Mexico, lecturer in 31st World Congress of ICMART
• Spain, Annual Meetings of AVEPA (Spanish Small Animal’s Veterinary Association), Annual Meetings of Non Conventional Veterinary Medicine Study Group.

Research Interest

Scientific Activities


• Translator into spanish language and Prologuer of “Alternative and Complementary Veterinary Medicine”, by Are Thoresen, ediciones Multimédica (Barcelona, 2006).
• “Niños y Animales de compañía: Sí, pero...”, Editorial Debate, 2002, Madrid.
• “Manual de Fisioterapia en pequeños animales”, ediciones Multimedica, 2014, Barcelona.
• Articles:
o Megaesophagus in dogs: approach of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Acupuncture. Revista Internacional de Acupuntura, Editorial Elsevier, 2012;6:158-61
o Megacolon in cats: Acupunctural treatment. Revista Internacional de Acupuntura, Editorial Elsevier, 2007;1:58-61
o Gold bead implants in disabling osteoarthritis: 10 years of clinical experience in canines. Revista Internacional de Acupuntura, Editorial Elsevier, 2011;5:57-61
o Collaborations:
 Medical Pediatric magazines and Books like Pediatría en atención primaria, 19th Chapter, 2005, Editorial Masson
 Spanish Veterinary Magazines, about Veterinary Acupuncture, Natural Veterinary Medicine, Gold Implants,...

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