Giulia Malaguarnera, PhD


University of Catania

NEST SpinLab, Catania, Italy


Giulia Malaguarnera, PhD, PharmD is currently affiliated to the University of Catania, Italy and Researcher at NEST SpinLab, Catania, Italy. She had been honorary research assistant at UCL (University College of London), London, UK till 2017, being also post-doc on 2015. She joined the “Great Senescence Centre” on 2009, in the University of Catania (Italy), studying disorders related to aging, focusing on biochemistry, nutritional, genetic and environment factors and also performing studies about the quality of life, fragility and vulnerability in elderly patients. Actually author of more than 75 articles, with more than 1340 citations, she is also Editor and Reviewer of several peer-review international journals.

Research Interest

Research Interests in ocular disease include: diabetic retinopathy, dry eye, retinal ganglion cells degeneration and the link between glaucoma and Alzheimer disease and both clinical and preclinical studies with particular interest on translational medicine.

Scientific Activities


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