Guillermo Ramirez Hoyos

Neuro Psychologist
Department of Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology
University Simón Bolívar-Barranquilla-Colombia
Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia


Guillermo Ramirez Hoyos is a Psychologist with academic and occupational training in Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology how researcher with a cognitive-behavioral approach and 16 years of experience in diagnosis and intervention in: patients with Dementias (Alzheimer's and others), TBI, Stroke, Tumors as with psychiatric conditions as well as with children and adolescents with learning disabilities and behavior and persons with consume of psychoactive substances.

Research Interest

Scientific Activities

Winners of First Position in Monterrey Mexico: May 23-25, 2013
Mexican Federation of Alzheimer and Alzheimer Association of Monterrey
The Relationship between Family Dynamics and the Psychological State of a Group of Caregivers
People with Dementia


International Publications:
Linking Family Dynamics and the Mental Health of Colombian Dementia Caregivers American Journal of Alzheimer´s Disease and other Dementias-Octubre 2013
Connecting Health-Related Quality of Life and Mental Health in Dementia Caregivers from Colombia, South America, Journal of Alzheimer´s Disease-Noviembre 2013
National Publication:
Comparing Dementia Caregivers and Healthy Controls in Mental Health and Health Related Quality of Life in Cali-Colombia indexed journal: Psicología desde el Caribe-Enero 2014

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