Hammoda Abu-Odah

Department of Emergency and Oncology
European Gaza Hospital, Al-Quds University
Rafah, Gaza Strip, Palestine


Abu-Odah earned his BSN (2008) from Palestine College of Nursing and MPH-Epidemiology (2013) from Al-Quds University. He has worked as a nurse in the Emergency and Oncology Department at European Gaza Hospital (2009~2019). He provided vital comprehensive and innovative care during both the critical and palliative stages of illnesses and developed technical skills and knowledge in the field of oncology and renal issues. While taking care of renal and cancer patients, he witnessed the sufferings from physical, psychosocial and spiritual difficulties of cancer patients and their families and became interested in improving quality of life of cancer patients and their families. During his graduate studies, he has constantly learned how to effectively incorporate clinical based knowledge into research work while maintaining a job as a nurse. The theme of his master’s thesis was ‘End-Stage Renal Failure in the Gaza Strip’. Abu-Odah research focuses on the interplay of cancer, renal failure, and chronic disease.

Research Interest

Scientific Activities


Peer-Reviewed Journals

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