Lori Burkow-Heikkinen

American College of Sports Medicine

International Dance and Exercise Association

White Lake, MI 48386, USA


Fitness Instructor 1972-1997
Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit. 1972- present
Assistant Program Director 1978-1981
Medical Exercise Specialist 1997- present
CEO: Lori Burkow 1997- present
Personal Trainer at Knollwood Country Club, Detroit Tennis Club 1997- present
In-Home private practice Personal Trainer 1991- present

Research Interest

Personal Trainer for Exercise and Fitness
Sports Medicine
Near-Infrared Therapy
Therapy for Medical Treatment

Scientific Activities


“The role of Personal trainers for stroke rehabilitation,” Neurological Research, Vol.31, pp. 841-847,2009.
“Non-invasive physiological Monitoring of exercise and fitness,” Neurological Research, Vol. 33, pp. 3-16, 2011.
“The use of near-infrared light-emitting diode in treating sports-related injuries: a review,” , 2014-12-26.
“The role of near-infrared light-emitting diodes in aging adults related to inflammation,” Healthy Aging Research/www.har-journal.com, pp. 1-12, 2015.
“Home care attitude and expectations: a reflection on suggested guidelines for home care in the USA,” , 2015-06-07.
“Advances in Near-Infrared Light Emitting Diode in sports medicine and the role of oxygen spectroscopy wound healing and inflammation in neuroscience,” Case Reports in Surgery and Invasive Procedures, OAJournals-17-107R1, 2017
“Treadmill Applications on the Neurophysiology of the Disease and Elderly: A Review,” BAOJ Neurology3:2;3:305,2017

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