Magdy Imam, MD, PhD

Anesthesia and Intensive Care Consultant

Saqr Hospital – Ras Alkhaima

United Arab of Emirates


Educational background
• M.D (Ph.D.) in anesthesia and intensive care and pain management 2012, Faculty of medicine, Kasr Elainy - Cairo University- Egypt.
• Master degree in anesthesia 2006, Faculty of medicine, Ain Shams University- Egypt.
• Bachelor of medicine 1995, Faculty of medicine, Kasr Elainy- Cairo University- Egypt.

Research Interest

Ultrasound guided Regional anesthesia Intensive care

Scientific Activities


Recent Publications:
• Case Report and review of literature: Thoracic epidural as a sole anaesthetic technique in laparoscopic myomectomy. Egyptian Journal of anaesthesia (2016) 05, 005.
• Case Report: Management of unusual site for contrast media extravasation in right external jugular vein. The Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (2015) 46, 1033-1035.
• Research Article: Comparison of Air-Q Masked Laryngeal Airway and Standard Endotracheal Tube during Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery. J Anesth Clin Res, (2
4015) Volume 6 Issue 12, 1000591.
• Editorial board in integrative anesthesiology journal .

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