Margo Fugate, MD, FAPA

Assistant Professor Clinical Psychiatry

New York Presbyterian Hospital

Weill Medical College of  Cornell University

Westchester Division

White Plains, NY, USA


Dr. Fugate received her Bachelor of Science from Long Island University’s General Honors Program and Medical Doctorate from the University of Connecticut Medical School. After completing the Yale Primary Care Medicine internship program, she returned to New York and finished residency training in Adult Psychiatry and a two year fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at The New York Weill Cornell Medical Center.
Dr. Fugate joined the Weill Cornell’s Medical Faulty in 1999. In 2003, as the Director of the Adolescent Inpatient Unit, she installed a school program recognized by the Board of Education, and obtained a “Service Excellence” grant which was used to create the Adolescent Unit’s first “Cultural Diversity Library”. This library provides reading materials describing young minorities faced with difficult life circumstances, and the various ways in which they successfully overcame those challenges. During that same year she was involved as Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Cultural Diversity Committee for The New York Presbyterian Hospital, Westchester Division. The mission of this Committee (later renamed Diversity Council) is to provide information and resources about cultural issues in psychiatry in order to develop and institute “best practices” in addressing the linguistic, religious, spiritual and cultural needs - of patients, their families and any other individuals in their support network. More recently Dr. Fugate was involved with the Workforce Diversity Committee of the New York and Columbia Presbyterian Hospitals which addresses cross cultural employee and patient care issues within the Organization. Currently, in her role as Coordinater of the weekly lecture series in Psychiatry (“Grand Rounds”) at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Fugate invites speakers to give presentations focusing on “Cultural Issues in Psychiatry” aiming to continue to educate and stimulate discussion about these matters among faculty and other hospital employees.
In addition to her interest in Cultural Competance, Dr. Fugate is interested in Mood Disorders, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Anxiety Disorders (PTSD).

Research Interest

Scientific Activities


Board of Directors Community Healing Network (CHN) 2014 -
Member American Medical Association 1992 – 2003
Member American Psychiatric Association 1995 – 2009
APA District Branch (NYC/Bronx) 1995 – 2009
Fellow American Psychiatric Association 2009 –
APA District Branch (Westchester)
Member American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 1997 -
Member Deaf and Hard of Hearing Subcommittee of AACAP 2007 - 2015
Member Christian Medical and Dental Society 1988 - 1990

Graduate of General Honors Program of Long Island University 6/03/83
Recipient of Martin Luther King Jr. academic scholarship 9/01/79-6/03/83
Phi Sigma Beta Gamma Chapter, Vice President 9/01/82-6/03/83
Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society (Vice President) 9/01/81-6/03/83
Recipient of “Service Excellence” award 2003
Recipient of New York Presbyterian “Falcon Award” 2008
2009 - 2013
Physician of the Year Award Nominee – The New York Presbyterian of Columbia 2009
And Weill Cornell Medical College
American Psychiatric Association Fellow Award 2010


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