Natália da Silva Lima, PhD

Associate Research

Santiago de Compostela University

Center for Research in Molecular Medicine

and Chronic Diseases (CIMUS)




PhD: PhD in Clinical and Experimental Physiopatology, 2014.
Laboratory of Endocrine Physiology, State University of Rio de Janeiro - UERJ (Brazil)
Research Advisor: Dra. Patrícia Cristina Lisboa
Thesis title: “Effects of treatment with yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) on endocrine and metabolic disorders in obese rats programmed by early weaning.”

MS: MS in Bioscience, 2010.
Laboratory of Endocrine Physiology, State University of Rio de Janeiro - UERJ (Brazil)
Research Advisor: Dra. Patrícia Cristina Lisboa
Thesis title: “Programming of body composition and thyroid function in adult rats precocious weaned.”

BS: BS in Nutrition, 2008.
State University of Rio de Janeiro - UERJ (Brazil)


Associate research 2018
Santiago de Compostela University
Center for Research in Molecular Medicine
and Chronic Diseases (CIMUS)
Research advisor: Dr. Rubén Pozo Nogueiras

Postdoctoral Research
São Francisco University 2015-2017
Research advisor: Dr. Marcelo Lima Ribeiro

Bilateral Cooperation Program FAPERJ 2014-2014
Columbia Global Center
Department of Epidemiology
Columbia University, New York - NY
Mailman School of Public Health
Research advisor: Dra. Pam Factor-Litvak

Postdoctoral Research
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro 2014-2015
Research advisor: Dr. Gilberto Kac

Research Interest

Scientific Activities

March 2013, Special Fellowship (note 10) - Rio de Janeiro Research Foundation (Brazil)


- Edital 05/2010 EXTPESQ, FAPERJ (Proc E-26/ 111.103/2010)
- Edital 21/2010 - Apoio Melh. Ens. Escolas Públicas FAPERJ. (Proc E-26/ 110.069/2011)
- Edital 15_2014 - Programa de Cooperação Bilateral FAPERJ/Associação Columbia Global Center - 2014 (Proc E-26/010.001767/2014)


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