Osama Ahmed Shawki, MD


Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Cairo University

10 Aboul Magd Amer street, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt


Prof of Gynaecology Cairo university
Editorial board member European Journal of Gynaecology
Board member for international society of Gynaecology
Invented and patented several instruments in field of endoscopic surgery
Published two books in field of endoscopy

Research Interest

endoscopic surgery

Scientific Activities

Attachment and membership in International Societies
• Elect Active Member American Society For Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)
• Elect Active Member American Society for Reproductive Surgeons (SRS)
• Elect Active Member European Society For Gynecologic Endoscopy (ESGE)
• Referee Coordinator and Representative to European Society For Endoscopy
• Board Member of International Society For Gynecologic Endoscopy (ISGE)
• Advisory board member for ISGE
• Elect Member American Association For Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL)
• Member in the society for laparoendoscopic surgery, USA
• Member of British Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy (BSGE)
• Elect member of German Society for Endoscopic surgery
• Middle East fertility Society (MEFS)
• Member editorial board of Gynecologic Surgery Journal

Invented and Designed several instruments in the field of
operative endoscopy
 The Multifunctional Cutting Coagulation Forceps used in Endoscopic surgery
(KARL Storz - 30421 SH) , Germany.
 Patency right for design of the Shawki”s Ball-Electrode probe for ovarian drilling (Rocket Medical)
 Patency right for roller bar electrode for laparoscopic surgery
( STORZ KST - 1071)
 The Hysteroshield , an intrauterine device for prevention of intrauterine adhesions after metroplasty and reconstructive uterine surgery. ( Conteck device , India).
 Danazole loaded IUD for management of adenomyosis , Japan.
 Hydrothermal inflatable balloon for endometrial ablation (Cook’s , USA)

International scientific activities
 Participated in the IFFS congress 1995, Montbellier , France

 5th Annual meeting of European society for Gynecologic Endoscopy
(ESGE) , Bratislava , September 1996
Presented three oral communications
Chairman of the endometriosis session

 American Society for reproductive Medicine, Boston 2-7 November, 1996.
Active participant and prsented one oral presentation and one poster.
Prize Paper Award Nomination by Society For Reproductive Surgeons

 5 TH World Congress On Endometriosis Yokohama city
Japan,18-21 October 1996
Winner of Young Scientist Grant from congress scientific committee..
Active participant and presented one oral presentation and one poster.

 Active participant in Third Annual Meeting of Middle East Fertility Society
Bahrain 26 - 28 November ,1996
Presented oral presentation
Instructor in the endoscopy workshop with Prof. Victor Gomel

 Invited Speaker, Co-Chairman in 6 Th Annual Meeting For International Society For Gynecological Endoscopy, Singapore 17 -19 April 1997.

 Chairman of New Technology session in ISGE congress , Singapore.

 Annual congress of Middle East fertility Society (MEFS) , Dubai, 1997
Active participant presented 2 poster and presented 2 posters

 10 Th World Congress on IVF and Assisted Reproduction .
Vancouver- Canada 24 -28 May 1997 .
Chairman of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis session
Presented oral presentation
Presented poster presentation
Selection of oral presentation to be among best papers and selected for publication in Human Reproduction journal by R G Edwards

 Invited guest on a sattelite symposium of ESHRE 1997 on Normal and abnormal uterine function , Wiesbaden, Germany

 Invited Speaker & 8Th Annual meeting for International Society for gynecological Endoscopy. Sun City, South Africa March 1998.

 Annual congress of Middle East fertility Society , Amman – Jourdan,1998
Active participant and presented 2 papers,oral and poster.

 Invited Speaker/Chair in Intrnational Congress on Fallopoian Tube,
Bombay- India , 6 – 8 February 1998.

 Invited speaker in the annual congress of Baroda university, India(1998)
Presented invited speech.
Supervised an endoscopy workshop
Received honorary from the congress committee

 Member The International Committee And Ambassador To The 6 Th World Congress On Endometriosis, Montreal – Canada, 1998

 IFFS and American socity annual meeting San Franssissco , October 1998
Active participant , one oral presentation and 4 posters

 8 Th annual meeting of International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy
Montreal – Canada 26 – 28 April 1999.
International Advisory Board Member ISGE (Montereal meeting 1999)
Invited speaker
Chairman of scientific session

 Invited speaker in King Faisel special hospital , Ryhad – Saudi Arabia ,Feb 1999.

 Invited speaker in Gynecologic Endoscopy symposium, Al Qurnish hospital,
Abu Dhabi , 2-5 May 1999

 Invited speaker and chairman in the World Congress on Microlaparoscopy,
Miami , October 1999, USA

 Invited speaker ISGE Bangkok 2002
 Invited speaker ISGE cancun 2003


Published two chapters in international textbook titled;
Transvaginal sonography for Infertility
Editor Gautam Allahbadia

Published a chapter in Textbook titled Laparoscopic surgery in Infertility
Editor , Durh Shah .

• Published chapter in Ultrasound and Infertility , published by Gautam Allahbadia

• Invited guest speaker in ISGE meeting bangkok 2003.
• Invited guest speker in MEFS congress , lebanon 2003
• Invited guest speaker in ISGE , Kuala Lumpore April 2004.
• Invited speker incontroversie congress , las Vegas June 2004
• Invited speaker in world congress on menopause, Bueonos Aires 2005
• Coducted workshops upon hysteroscopy and minimum invasive therapy in gynecology in the following countries;
• Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, qatar, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Russia, Germany, kazakhstan, Spain, Pakisytan, India

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