Rabindra Nath Nandi

Data Scientist

Infolytx Inc

Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh


Currently I am working as a data scientist in Infolytx, Inc. My job is related to Natural Language processing, Machine Learning, Clinical Document Annotation, Health Informatics related projects. I am work with several researchers from different domain and contributing to GitHub . I have completed BSc in Computer Science and Engineering in 2014 from Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh. I am actually very interest on deep learning. My total job experience is 3.5 yrs.

Research Interest

-Deep Learning
-Interpretable Machine Learning
-Natural Language Processing
-Health Informatics

Scientific Activities

Best Paper Award Winner (3rd Position) at ICCIT Conference, 2015, Bangladesh.


1. MAH Akhand, RN Nandi, SM Amran, K Murase, Context Likelihood of Relatedness with Maximal Information Coefficient for Gene Regulatory Network Inference. 18th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT), Dhaka , Bangladesh.
2. MAH Akhand, RN Nandi, SM Amran, K Murase, Gene Regulatory Network Inference incorporating Maximal Information Coefficient into Minimal Redundancy Network,
International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information Communication Technology (ICEEICT), 2015, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
3. MAH Akhand, RN Nandi, SM Amran, K Murase, Gene Regulatory Network Inference Using Maximal Information Coefficient, International Journal of Bioscience, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, doi: 10.17706/ijbbb.2015.5.5.296-310.
4. Md. Hasanuzzaman, M. Rabbani, M. M. T. Hossain, M. Arif Hossain and R. N. Nandi, Numerical Solution of Mixed Convective Laminar Boundary Layer Flow around a Vertical Slender Body with Suction or Blowing, American Journal of Applied Mathematics ,Volume 3, Issue 1, February 2015, Pages: 14-20
5. Md. Hasanuzzaman, M. M. T. Hossain , M. Rabbani, R. N. Nandi, R. Rabbi and B. Mandal, A case study of Numerical solution of mixed convective laminar boundary layer flow around a vertical slender body with suction or blowing, Progress in Science and Engineering Research Journal, vol. 02, issue 05/06, 2014.
6. Md. Shakil, Rabindra Nath Nandi, Attendance Management System For The Industrial Worker Using Finger Print Scanner, Global Journal, vol. 13, issue 6, 2013.

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