Shivaji K Jadhav, PhD

Scientific Officer–F

Molecular Oncology Department

Lilac Insights Pvt Limited

Navi Mumbai 400710, Maharashtra, India


Dr Shivaji K Jadhav completed his graduation in Microbiology and Post graduation in Biotechnology from Karnataka University and further he completed PhD in Biochemistry (Molecular HIV Virology) from University of Mumbai and He has carried out his molecular Virology research at National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health [NIRRH] a premier Indian Council of Medical Research, (ICMR) Institute in Mumbai.
Presently he is working at Lilac Insights Private Limited as Scientific Officer – F in Department of Molecular Oncology and the lab is fully equipped with state of art of facility to carry out Onco Molecular test Panels for Haematological malignancies and Solid Tumors with advanced sequencing technologies, Before Joining Lilac, Dr Shivaji was working at Head of Laboratory Operations at Mapmygenome and Co.Head of Infectious Disease at Sandor Life sciences. He has also worked as Senior Scientist C at NIMR, Indian Council of Medical Research, (ICMR ) Goa in project “Malaria Evolution in South Asia” funded by National Institute of Health and International Centre of Excellence for Malaria Research, (ICEMR) National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases (NIAID) USA. He has worked with team of scientists at NIMR on Vectors, infection rate, vector competency and host Pathogen interaction in malaria. He has been awarded with Prestigious Fogarty International HIV/AIDS Training and Research Fellowship programme from National Institute of Health, USA, He has been trained in Advance Molecular Virology techniques, HIV Drug Resistance, True Gene Sequencing and Mucosal Transmission of HIV and genetic diversity at Boston School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School,USA. He was mentored under the guidance of Dr Deborah Anderson and Dr Manish Sagar. He has total fourteen years of experience in the area of Molecular Diagnostics, Virology and Infectious Diseases; He has been awarded with thirteen International young Scientist Awards, Global Health, International Travel grants and Scholarships.

Research Interest

Scientific Activities

• Advanced Training on malaria Parasitology at Mahidol Vivax Research Centre, Mahidol Vivax Research Centre .
• Fogarty Short-term International HIV/AIDS Training Programme (ATRIP) Award: NIH- USA: Worked as a Research fellow in HIV / AIDS Clinical Virology: Miriam/Brown University Boston USA, Mentors Dr. Deborah. J. Anderson, at Boston Medical School, Dr.Manish Sagar, Harvard University, Dr Kenneth. Mayer, Boston, USA (2008 -2009)
• Senior Research Fellowship: (SRF) Indian Council of Medical Research, India.
• Senior Research Fellowship: ICMR-DBT Project on HIV/AIDS, NIRRH, India.
• Junior Research Fellowship: Department of Biotechnology Project, NIRRH.
• Department of Biotechnology - Biotechnology Industrial Training Programme (BITP-BCIL) New Delhi.

• Sydney, Australia (IAS Society Conference): 2007.
• Bangkok, Thailand (Keystone Symposium): 2008.
• Boston, United States of America, (USA): 2008-2009.
• (Fogarty AITRIP) - Boston University - Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
• Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. (Microbicide Conference): 2010.
• Georgia, Atlanta, USA (AIDS Vaccine): 2010.
• Denver, Colorado, USA (Vaccine): 2012.
• Utrecht, Netherlands (Dynamics & Evolution): 2013.
• Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, (Advancing Vaccines): 2013.
• Seattle, Washington USA. (Adjuvant Meeting): 2014.
• Bangkok, Thailand (Mahidol Vivax Research Centre): 2015.
• Global Academy Fellowship Award – IAS HIV Cure – Bushbuckridge,
Mpumalanga, South Africa towards an HIV Cure: Global Fellows Research Academy 29–31 May 2017.
• IAS Cure & Cancer Forum Paris, France 21 & 22 July 2017: Organized by the International AIDS Society (IAS)
• Global Health Award –Infectious disease –Whistler, Canda March 2019.


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• Anopheles Subpictus , A New dominant malaria vector in an urban area of western India. Ashwani Kumar, Praveen Balabaskaran Nina, Ajeet Mohanty , Rajeshwari Hosmani , Shivaji Jadhav , Satyajit Kale , Anjali Mascarenhas , Edwin Gomes , Neena Valecha , Laura Chery ,Pradipsinh Rathod. Presented at 65th ASTMH-2016-Annual-Meeting- November 13–17, 2016 Atlanta, Georgia USA. Abstract No-1664.

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