Srinath. S, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering

National Institute of Technology Warangal



B.Tech (Chemical Engineering)(OU), M.Tech & Ph.D-Chemical Engineering(NITW): doctoral work on Fluidized bed combustion of Agricultural wastes. After M.Tech, he has joined in REC Warangal, as a Lecturer and presently working as Professor( Associate) at NIT Warangal.

Academic and Research Achievements:
He is actively involved in teaching, research and consultancy for the past Eighteen years. His research interests include solid waste conversion technologies, production of bio fuels using new sources and latest technologies, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Nano Technology, Catalysis and Micro reactors. He has completed three MHRD sponsored projects and one ISRO sponsored project. Currently executing Government funded R&D projects( DRDO &IGM ) of worth 37 lakhs in the area of nanotechnology. He has filed three Indian patents. He has designed and developed pilot scale unit for thermal conversion of agro residues with high heat recovery. He has developed a process for dispersion of high solid containing propellant slurry with Nano Al particles for ISRO. He has also developed new polishing compound for improved coin quality for IGM, Hyderabad. Due to application oriented research work he has been offered with consultancy projects on Simulation of process industries and development of new process for Industries such as BHEL, Coromandal Fertilizers and Felix industries. He has got vast experience in Process modelling and simulation, due to his expertise in Process Simulation he has delivered expert lectures on Process simulation in various conferences and colleges. He was actively involved in introducing new /modernisation of lab course for Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Ph.D students. He has also conducted short-term programmes including prestigious GIAN courses for faculty, students and Industry people at NIT Warangal and also in different colleges. He also organized an International conference on New frontiers in chemical energy and environmental engineering. He is active in collaborative research with Indian and foreign universities like JNTU, IICT, Osmania University, ICT Mumbai, ODU & MSU in USA, Univ of Saskenten Canada

Other Contributions: Published over 40 research papers in international, national conferences and journals and guided 20 M.Tech students and presently 4 Research Scholars are working for their Ph.D. Editorial board member of Environmental Science and Pollution Research Journal. He is professionally active in Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers and Institution of Engineers(I). He was staff advisor of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers NIT Warangal Student chapter and during his tenure the chapter awarded with AMBUJA best student chapter award-2015. Currently He is serving as an executive member of Institution of Engineers(I) Warangal chapter.

Research Interest

Thermal conversion of biomass, Bio fuels, Process Intensification, Process modelling and simulation, Catalysis,CFD, Micro reactors

Scientific Activities

 BEST PAPER AWARD for the research paper titled “Modelling Fluidized Bed Combustion of Rice husk ” Presented in the International Conference on Chemical, Civil and Environmental engineering (ICCEE’2012) held at DUBAI during 24-25 March
 Chaired a session in International conference on Chemical, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ICCCEE'2015), during March 23-24, London, UK.
 “ Ambuja Best Student Chapter Award- 2015” – Staff advisor IIChE student chapter NITW.


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