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Why Publish with SOAOJ?

S Open Access Open Journals Publishing SOAOJ believes that scientific ideas, results, and discoveries are a public good. As an Open Access publisher, our goal is to effectively communicate trustworthy work as quickly and as broadly as possible.

Your Research, Our Resources


Scientists that peer review and serve on editorial boards for S Open Access Open Journals Publishing SOAOJ are experts committed to reporting, ethics and publishing guidelines. This means every article published with SOAOJ is the most robust it can be.


From submission to acceptance, S Open Access Open Journals Publishing SOAOJ publishing processes are tightly focused to eliminate unnecessary publication delays.


Policymakers, educators, journalists and organizations around the world turn to trustworthy research published in S Open Access Open Journals Publishing SOAOJ journals. In 2016, more than 1,000 research articles were covered by news sources such as the BBC, NPR, The New York Times and The Guardian.


S Open Access Open Journals Publishing SOAOJ research attracts more than 12 million article views per month. Articles are immediately and freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY).


PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar feature S Open Access Open Journals Publishing SOAOJ articles. At SOAOJ, all these sources feed into ALMs to help demonstrate the influence of your work.


Authors commit to making the data underlying their conclusions fully available, when at all possible. This enables validation, replication, and reproducibility‚ÄĒall increasing the value of research.

S Open Access Open Journals Publishing SOAOJ encourages authors from all over the world to contribute their innovative research and findings. The contents submitted to S Open Access Open Journals Publishing SOAOJ enjoy more visibility and are peer reviewed too. Authors are requested to submit their manuscripts, based the following format which is used to review more easily by Editorial Board members.

The title should be specific and suitable to the topic of the article. Please avoid using abbreviations in the title and present the title in title case (capitalize all the words except prepositions, articles, and conjunctions). All species/botanical names should be represented in italics.

Author names and Affiliations
Please provide complete names of all the authors and the name of the corresponding author should be represented with an asterisk (*).Regarding Affiliation details, you are requested to include Department, University/Organisation, City, State and Country for all authors. Also, please provide E-mail, Telephone, and Fax of the corresponding author.

Abstract and Keywords
The abstract is the section that introduces the article and it should not exceed 350 words. It should summarise the main content in a brief. You are requested to provide a minimum of 4-6 keywords for the purpose of indexing. Please do not include any citations and avoid using abbreviations if possible.

All abbreviations should be defined under the heading of abbreviations.

Please include all the tables in the text at the end of the article with appropriate captions.

People, who contributed to the work but are not authors, should be listed in the acknowledgments part, along with their contributions. Authors have to ensure that everyone whose name is included in the acknowledgments does not have any objection to include their name in the acknowledgment part of that particular manuscript.

Please include only published manuscripts as references for your manuscript. Authors are requested to provide a sequential list of references at the end of the text.

Manuscript template
Authors can submit their research papers on any topic of their expertise. S Open Access Open Journals Publishing SOAOJ only shares high-quality content. And the content should be unique, original and the paper should not be submitted in another journal. When you submit a paper to SOAOJ, you are assuming that the manuscript submitted here is unique and original by submitting your cover letter. The cover letter should include the names and signature of the co-authors of the paper stating that the article has not been published elsewhere or communicated for the purpose of any other publication apart from SOAOJ.

By submitting your articles to S Open Access Open Journals Publishing SOAOJ, you get

True and fair Impartial reviews on your work with constructive criticism.

Visibility for your manuscripts from all over the world.

Journal helps to improve your work by suggestions of Editorial Board members.

Prompt and fair double-blinded peer review from experts.

Permanent archiving of your article on our website.

Article Processing Charges (APC)

Open Access Model in the recent years has changed the practice of charging the readers to view/read the published article to imposing the Article Processing Charge (APC) to the authors upon publication of their article. This model has benefited the scientific community to view the articles without any money barriers so that they read and further investigate or research to advance the science rapidly.

S Open Access Open Journals Publishing SOAOJ Publishing follows author pay system so as to cover our production expenses which involve pre-qualitative analysis, the double-blinded peer review process, styling, editing, formatting, maintaining, and archiving services. APC is imposed at the beginning of the publication process and it’s flat-rate varies according to the type of article for all our Open Journals.

Authors who frequently publish could opt to our membership subscription to submit their work with their full APC covered throughout the subscription period. For more details about membership, please click here.


Country Type
Short type articles
High Income
$1139 USD
$939 USD
$839 USD
$639 USD
Middle Income
$839 USD
$639 USD
$539 USD
$439 USD
Low Income
$639 USD
$439 USD
$339 USD
$239 USD


Imp Note: Please note that payments made through bank transfer and check will be charged at $75 USD extra.

*Apart from the APC, an additional $200 USD will be applicable for language editing, irrespective of the article type.

*For articles withdrawn after the Pre-Quality Assessment (PQA), $229 USD will be imposed as compensation.

Submission Charges

There are no submission charges for submitting your work to our journal. However, there are Article Processing Charges (APCs) which will be considered only after publishing the article in our journal upon the Acceptance by our Editorial Board.

Waiver Policy

We consider waivers/discounts for the authors/students belonging to the low income as well as under-developed and developing countries so as to not provide any inequality in any manner for all the genuine research works from all the authors who are willing to submit their articles to our journal.

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