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Editing Service

Who does the editing?

Language editing is undertaken by our in-house expert language editors, who are academically proficient in the subject.

How long does it take?

Language editing including the pre-quality analysis (PQA) is usually completed within a day’s time.

Will you be revising the content of my paper?

Revisions pertaining to the content of the manuscript may either be suggested by or is in certain cases, carried out by the peer-reviewers. However, minor corrections and improvements may be handled by our editors, in which case the authors will be notified about the edits and sought approval, prior to further processing.

Do you guarantee the publication of my paper?

S Open Access Open Journals Publishing SOAOJ does not guarantee the publication of any manuscript, as it strictly depends on the quality and potential of the submitted work, as well as the recommended revisions and subsequent improvements.

Will you reformat my article to fit the requirements of the journal?

Yes, we suggest the authors to improve the manuscript on what it lacks and how it can be made more acceptable to meet our journal’s standards. Any additional reformatting that is required will be handled by our editors.

Which file formats do you accept for articles?

Manuscripts can be submitted as MS Word or PDF files (cover letter, author details, and manuscript as separate files).

Which sections of my paper can you edit and what is included in the word count?

The editing service covers all sections of the manuscript, including the title, figure, and table legends. Word count includes the complete text part, except keywords, acknowledgments, conflicts of interest statement, references, and author details.

Can I get a discount on the editing service?

Discounts are not provided on editing services as we charge only a minimal amount of $127 USD. Also, in case of article withdrawal, please note this will be considered a non-refundable amount.

What supporting documents would be useful to upload with the manuscript?

Cover letter, corresponding author and co-author details, and manuscript (separate files). Full names, academic titles, designation, affiliations, email addresses, and telephone numbers of all the authors, consent form, ICMJE conflicts of interest (COI) form, and supplementary data (if any) are to be included.

The cover letter should state the information on prior or duplicate publication/submission elsewhere, as well as the originality of the manuscript, and any other information that the authors want to convey to the editor is mandatory to complete the submission process. The principal investigator or the corresponding author must confirm that he or she has full access to all the data provided in the study and takes responsibility for the integrity of the data, and the accuracy of the data analysis as well as the decision to submit for publication. The authors should declare that the manuscript has not been published previously, or is under consideration for publication elsewhere, in whole or in part. Apart from the above, ethics, agreement/permission if any patients or animals are included in the study, should also be mentioned.

Where can I find the DOI of my article?

The DOI will be printed on every page of the article as well as with the PDF link on our website under the specific issue in which the article has been published. However, please note that the DOI will be active for further use only once the issue is released.

Will there be a DOI for the issue/journal?

DOIs are only provided for individual articles.


How many reviewers will examine my paper?

A minimum of two peer-reviewers will examine the submitted manuscript, post which suggested revisions may be required to be addressed. Once accepted by the reviewers, the final decision will be subject to the Editor-in-Chief’s inspection.

Within how many days should I submit the revised manuscript?

Typically, authors are advised to submit the revised manuscript within a span of not more than 7-10 days. In special cases, depending upon the article length and content to be revised, the time may vary.

How many days does it take to publish an article after acceptance?

Once accepted, it takes around a day or two to publish the manuscript online. However, please note that DOI links will be active only after the particular issue is released.

Do you provide a hard copy of the published article/issue?

Hard copies of the published manuscript or issue (preferably in bulk) are provided upon request. Authors may place such order(s) by communicating via email at Contact Us. *Additional charges are applicable

Video Articles

What file formats do you accept for videos?

Video files are accepted. AVI format (size no more than 5Mb).

How much do you charge to publish a video article?

Video articles are charged at $1559 USD.

Do you have any specific guidelines for articles with videos?

Consent of the patient(s) included in the video must be attained and a copy of proof must be submitted along with the article. Consent form available at Consent Form

Manuscript Formatting

Do I have to necessarily keep in mind the journal’s guidelines for formatting while submitting the manuscript?

Authors are expected to follow AMA styling and formatting while preparing the manuscript for submission, to comply with the editorial guidelines of our journals. Any additional formatting or styling will be taken care of by our team.

What image formats do you accept for figures?

We usually accept high-quality. JPG, .JPEG, and .TIF format images.

Payment and Billing

How much do the services cost?

Please visit the Article Processing Charge (APC) Policy under Editorial Guidelines for further information.

Can I pay in my local currency?

No, payments are only accepted in USD.

What mode of payment do you accept?

You can choose to pay via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and Discover, partnered with a payment gateway for your convenience—PayPal. The payment gateway available to you will differ depending on your country and the card you choose to use. Bank transfers are also accepted.

*Please note that payments made through bank transfer or check will be charged $50 USD extra.

Can I get an invoice?

An invoice is sent once the article is accepted for publication.

Can I pay in advance?

Advance payments are accepted and are subject to the author’s interest. However, in such cases, the payment should not be less than $129 USD(non-refundable charge).

Are there any withdrawal charges?

Articles withdrawn after the pre-quality analysis (PQA) will be charged $129 USD.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do offer discounts only in special cases. For more details, you can reach us at contact us. However, at this time, we are placing a moratorium on all applications until December 2022.

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