Digital Technology Engineering
Digital Technology Engineering
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Homo Sapiens live in a world where people strive to survive. We need to work hard for everything that we need to get and want to satisfy. There is no substitute for hard work. But definitely, ‘Work hard. Work smart!’ as the saying goes, seems to be adhered to way too seriously, not because the saying goes as such, but because people want to make life easier and increase the standard of living. So, Technology crept in slyly making its way into the global market now having millions of shareholders and stakeholders holding shares in the name of digital technology. Digital technology made Apple Inc., the company with the highest amount of liquid cash of around $200 billion, and Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world.

It is very essential to know what digital technology is in order to understand what Digital Technology engineering deals with. It is the term used to understand the ever-evolving suite of hardware, software, and the architectural structure of the technology used. So, the changeover of fingerprint lock to face recognition in an iPhone X, the new trend among phone manufacturers, recently added this feature, pioneered by Apple Inc. Dating back to the era where we used to unlock phones by pressing the ‘*’ button or ‘#’ button depending on the model, swipe lock, pattern or number lock to the present-day fingerprint and face unlock, the update of a smartphone software from Android lollipop to Oreo, and so on is all a glimpse of digital technology. Digital technology engineering deals with how the engineers play around with technology to invent something really innovative and new.

We all use laptops, desktops, PCs, and so on. It’s changed into a need and it is not a luxury anymore. The most important peripheral of all these devices that we use, no matter how advance it gets, is called the mouse. Yes, the mouse. The man behind the scenes is Douglas Engelbart. We have heard of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates. But not many talk about him. So, I will.

Engelbart, along with his lead engineer at Stanford Institute, fashioned the first prototype mouse. They were contemplating the number of buttons they should put. They even thought about five buttons. But, finally, they decided that they could not go more than three buttons. They put up three buttons. This was the smaller part of his bigger project called the oN-Line System (NLS). He put to practicality, the Hypertext links, Raster-scan video monitors, and so.

Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus Rift, has released many games in Augmented reality and Virtual Reality – the latest trend in digital technology engineering.

What exactly is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is the simulation of real-life situations or scenarios into computers. It may also include thinking like a particular person to solve a certain problem, doing jobs on behalf of people like in the case of HDFC bank which uses ChatBot technology, where the computer communicates on behalf of the bank to the customer. ShopBot is used by Amazon, Smartprix, SnapDeal, etc.

These are some of the instances of advancements in digital technology. But, there are way more advancements that are there and yet to come which has made our life easier and more convenient. These advancements continue to take shape and reach millions of people by entering the market.

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