Electronics & Communication Engineering

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Electronics & Communication Engineering Open Access Open journal (ECEOAOJ) is an online peer reviewed international journal. It aims to promote the research in all areas of electronics & communication engineering. ECEOAOJ publishes Review/Research articles which contribute new theoretical and practical results in all areas of Electronics Engineering, Communication Network and Information Technologies.

It aims to promote the integration of computer engineering and electronics engineering. The focus is to publish papers on state-of-the-art computer and electronics engineering.

  • network theory and circuit design
  • information theory, communication theory and techniques, modulation, source and channel coding
  • switching theory and techniques, communication protocols
  • optical communications
  • microwave theory and techniques, radar, sonar
  • antennas, wave propagation
  • Measurement and instrumentation; circuit design, simulation and CAD
  • Signal and image processing, coding; microwaves, antennas and radio propagation
  • Optoelectronics; TV and sound broadcasting; telecommunication networks; radio and satellite communications; radar, sonar and navigation systems; electromagnetic compatibility.
  • signal and system theory, digital signal processing