Mathematics and Humanities Engineering

Mathematics and Humanities Engineering
Mathematics and Humanities Engineering
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Mathematics is termed as the basic component of our classic lives. Let us take the example of a cup of tea. The amount of sugar, tea powder, milk & water to add needs use of mathematics.

Mathematical skills & knowledge is essential for quantitative skills in field of engineering. Likewise humanities give pivotal   contribution in every scientific field. In other words mathematics and humanities are twin sisters both are necessary.

An engineer gains knowledge of various departments Mechanics, Electronics, Aeronautics, Automobile, Chemical, ComputerScience many more. Hence mathematics is vital is every field. Here the question arises, Why to study humanities with scientific research.

There are many great men whose work has manifested different fields in a human civilization such as  Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Shekshpere, Hobbes, Locke, Mill Freud, and the list continues.

Humanities talk about the journey of human culture from the start to today’s date. Beginning from more than 4.4 million years to now man has transformed from apes to modern man.

It may be Literature, Music, Arts or Psychology the very history has changed from almost nothing to the world’s best inventions in every aspect.  Huge building structures consisting city planning, pyramids, colonnades and so on.  When we look back at these everlasting constructions or the history of literature which emerged from clay sculptures containing images till the written texts of today’s era. We simply mesmerize by the thoughts of the ever-changing world with a vast variety of things.

Humanities and science walk hand in hand. During the process of learning a science students having knowledge of humanities knows the past achievements as well as failures of the history. It helps them analyze various cultures. This study makes  them think distinctively. It extends the limits of imaginative state of mind. It provides knowledge of foreign culture and languages. Humanities tell us about the impact of scientific researches on society. Also helps us to understand the future scientific needs of the society.

Engineering is about simply passing on the knowledge. But now the best programs try to foster experiential learning. New courses have pulled together to make a difference. One of them is humanities.

Under influence many universities have started offering courses merging humanities & engineering together. Such a joint degree program is offered in many universities named as Bachelors of Science in engineering and humanities. This program is build for both the humanistic and engineering studies. There it has two different sections one is undergraduate degree curriculum of the engineering department and others consist of subjects in humanities fields.

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