Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics

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Pharmacology,Toxicology and Pharmaceutics – Open Access Open Journal (PTPOAOJ) is an online open access portal encompassing all aspects related to Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics.

Toxicology is derived from the ancient Greek word “Toxicos” which means toxic or poisonous. It is the branch of medicine that deals with the harmful effects of various chemicals on living beings or other organisms.

Through this journal, SOAOJ hopes to cater to the needs of professionals in this field with concise yet descriptive information.

Aims and Scope

This journal, with its complete overview on the subject, aims to benefit individuals with identification and relevant diagnosis.

SOAOJ aims to encourage documentation among the ever growing medical community to ensure that the data gets recorded and passed on for the betterment and future reference of medical.

PTPOAOJ covers a wide array of subjects as given below

Research Fields

Mechanistic Toxicology

Biomedical Toxicology


Medical Examination

DNA fingerprinting


Poisonous Effects

Forensic pathology