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Psychology constitutes a facet of the diverse scientific concepts directed toward the study of the human mind and its attributes. Psychology establishes a strong association between the social, behavioral, and cognitive parameters reflected in emotions, intelligence, perception, motivation, brain functioning, and personality. It encompasses the functional basis of interpersonal relationships, the clinical evaluation of mental health problems and seeking a therapeutic approach for its treatment, the implementation of cognitive computation in determining organizational behavior, and is often administered as counseling in an academic or industrial setting.

In keeping with the wide array of knowledge that can be intercepted from the expansive field of Psychology, our Journal welcomes contributions from psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical professionals, counselors, scientists, researchers, and academicians with allied interests. The topics which have been considered suitable for the scope of the Journal include:

Research Fields



School psychology

Child psychology

Counseling psychology

Marriage and Family Counselling

Play therapy

Industrial psychology

Criminal psychology

Learning disability management

Stress management

organizational behavior

Mental health

Social Behavior

Personality Development

In a humble effort to help unravel unexplored avenues of research in Psychology, we aspire to initiate this professional venture with the objective to offer a conducive environment for the global scientific community to freely express their research ideas and views.

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