Volume 1 Issue 2-General Surgery

Case Report

Multilocular Cystic Nephroma. Kidney Disease Difficult To Diagnose Before Surgery: A Case Reportopen access

Salah Berkane*, Mustapha Kheder, Salim Belhkherchi, Chemssedine Benklhelat, Lyazid Mohamedi, Youcef Mahmoudi

Provisional PDFopen access pdf521 KB


Age Related Satisfaction of Telemedicineopen access

Daniel Laury*

Provisional PDFopen access pdf107 KB


A Comprehensive Review on Surgical Implications on Rheumatoid Arthritisopen access

Olivia Foster, Nikolaj Brown, Nikhale Malik, Zaiba Akhtar, and Mala Thakur*

Provisional PDFopen access pdf398 KB

Case Report

A Curious Case of Gossypibioma open access

Raviraj S.Chavan, and Sanjay Chatterjee*

Provisional PDFopen access pdf194 KB

Case Report

Cholecystocolonic Fistula. Case Report open access

Aguilar-Rubio JL*, Zamudio-Martínez A, and Zamudio-Martinez G

Provisional PDFopen access pdf270 KB

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