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Nanotechnology open access open journal is a double-blinded peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish articles related to nanotechnology in numerous fields like Medicine and health care, Biotechnology, Food, Electronics, Transport, IT, Industrial, Space and many more. NTOAOJ also focuses on the articles on the Impact of nanotechnology on the Environment and its regulation.

NTOAOJ accepts articles in the form of Research, Review, Editorial, Case Report, Short Communication, etc., Publishing with our journal makes your work accessible online for researchers around the globe and our peer-review guarantees the quality and reliability of the work. We process your manuscript promptly with no slowdown within 40 days from the date of submission.

Scope of the journal

Fullerenes and carbon forms

Nanoparticles and colloids


DNA Nanotechnology


Molecular Electronics


Molecular Nanotechnology



Green Nanotechnology

Carbon Nanotechnology


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