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Shana Ginar da Silva

Marechal Deodoro 11603° pisozip code: 96020-220Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Formal Education
2017-2018 – Postdoctoral researcher
Postgraduate Program in Epidemiology, Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil
Grant: National Council for Scientific and Technological Development
2013 - 2017 - PhD in Epidemiology
Postgraduate Program in Epidemiology, Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil
Grant: National Council for Scientific and Technological Development
Advisor: Pedro C Hallal, PhD
Thesis: Physical activity during pregnancy on maternal and child health: the 2015 Pelotas (Brazil) Birth Cohort
2010 – 2012 - Master’s Degree in Physical Education
Center of Sports, Federal University of Santa Catarina
Grant: Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel
Advisor: Markus V Nahas, PhD
Thesis: Perception of wellbeing and associated factors of industrial workers in Brazil
2008 – 2009 - Lato Sensu Degree in Research in Physical Education
School of Physical Education, Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil
Advisor: Marcelo Cozzensa, PhD
Thesis: Variables associated with leisure-time physical inactivity and main barriers to exercise among industrial workers in Southern Brazil
2004 – 2008 - Undergraduate Degree in Physical Education (March 2004 to December 2008)
School of Physical Education, Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil
Maternal and child health
assisted technology reproduction
physical activity
Some research project experiences
1 - Center for Epidemiological Research at Federal University of Pelotas
 Research project - “The 2015 Pelotas (Brazil) Birth Cohort: influence of early life
determinants in health outcomes” (since March 2014).
Summary: Follow-up of all mothers who will give birth to kids in the year 2015 in the city of
Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The study includes several objectives including analysis of
the influence and the determinants of physical activity during pregnancy on maternal and child
health using a early life approach, based on the measured level of physical activity by
accelerometry and self-report.
 Research project - “Effects of exercise training during pregnancy and outcomes
maternal and mother-child health outcomes: a randomized controlled trial (The PAMELA
Study) (since July 2014)
Summary: To evaluate the effectiveness of exercise training during pregnancy on maternal and
child health outcomes, through a randomized controlled trial nested in the 2015 Birth Cohort
Study, starting in September 2014 called PAMELA (Physically Active Mothers Enrolled in the
Longitudinal Analysis). Eligible women belonging to the birth cohort will be invited (between the
16th and 20th week of gestation) to be enrolled in the trial. After randomization, women will be
allocated into either one of these groups: control – 426 women who will keep their usual daily
activities; and intervention – 213 women who will engage in a PA program, 3 sessions a week
2 - Research Group on Physical Activity and Health, at the Federal University of Santa Catarina
 Research project – “Health risk behaviors Project (COMPAC) in youth of the Santa
Catarina State, Brazil” (March 2011 to September 2011):
Summary: The aim of this study is to investigate and compare aspects of lifestyle and the
presence of health risk behaviors in young Santa Catarina, after a decade. Specific objectives
include: (a) compare the prevalence of different lifestyle indicators in a representative sample of
young Santa Catarina (b) compare the prevalence of health risk behaviors presented by students
(c) Confronting the individual and environmental determinants of physical activity and other
behaviors between the two time periods; (d) check possible changes in the preferences of
moderate to vigorous physical activity and sedentary behaviors in this sample.

Organization of events
1. 5th International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2014.
More information about academic education, participation in events and courses, work experience, and
publications can be accessed at http://buscatextual.cnpq.br/buscatextual/visualizacv.do?id=K4113916P7
Some published papers in scientific journals
school and to work among high school students in Santa Catarina State Brazil: a comparative
analysis between 2001 a 2011. Journal of Physical Activity & Health, 2014.
NAHAS, M. V. Clustering of physical inactivity in leisure, work, commuting, and household
domains: data from 47,477 industrial workers in Brazil. Journal of Physical Activity & Health,
3. BIELEMANN, RM; SILVA, BGC; COLL, CV; XAVIER, MO; SILVA, SG. The Impact of physical
activity on SUS: hospitalization costs for chronic diseases. Revista de Saúde Pública, 2015. [in
activity and health research in Brazil: an overview about investment in projects and academic
grants. Revista Brasileira de Atividade Física e Saúde, v. 19, p. 271-332, 2014. [in Portuguese]
5. SOUZA, AS; SILVA, SG; MIELKE, GI; HALLAL, PC. Time trends of physical activity and
sedentary behavior in Porto Alegre, Brazil: 2006-2012. Revista Brasileira de Atividade Física e
Saúde, v. 19, p. 514-522,2014. [in Portuguese]
6. SILVA, SG. ; DEL DUCA, G.F; SILVA, KS; OLIVEIRA, ESA; NAHAS, MV. Commuting to and
from work and factors associated among industrial workers from Southern Brazil. Revista de
Saúde Pública (USP) Impresso, v.46, p.180-184, 2012. [in Portuguese]
7. DEL DUCA, GF; SILVA, SG; THUMÉ, E; SANTOS, IS; HALLAL, PC. Predictive factors for
Institutionalization of the elderly: a case-control study. Revista de Saúde Pública, v. 46, p. 147-
153, 2012. [in Portuguese]
8. SILVA, SG; MINATTO, G; FARES, D; DEL DUCA, GF; NAHAS, MV. Evolution of the production
of epidemiological studies in the Graduate Program in Physical Education, Federal University of
Santa Catarina (PPGEF/UFSC). Revista Brasileira de Atividade Física e Saúde, v. 17, p. 22-27,
2012. [in Portuguese]
self-reported morbidities and poor sleep quality among Brazilian workers. Sleep Medicine
(Amsterdam. Print), v. 13, p. 1198-1201, 2012.
10. SCHERER, R. L.; SILVA, SG; KARASIAK, FC; PETROSKI, EL. Morphological profile of goalball
athletes. Motricidad (Granada), v. 28, p. 1-13, 2012.
11. SILVA, SG; SILVA, MC; NAHAS, MV; VIANA, SL. Variables associated with leisure-time physical
inactivity and main barriers to exercise among industrial workers in Southern Brazil. Cadernos de
Saúde Pública, v. 27, p. 249-259, 2011 [in Portuguese]
12. DEL DUCA, G.F; HALLAL, PC; SILVA, SG; NAHAS, MV; SILVA, MC. Functional disability in
older adults living in nursing homes. Revista Brasileira de Atividade Física e Saúde, v.16, p. 120-
124, 2011. [in Portuguese]
ROMBALDI, A; HALLAL, PC; AZEVEDO, MR. Public knowledge on the role of physical activity in
the prevention and treatment of diabetes and hypertension: a population-based study in southern
Brazil. Cadernos de Saúde Pública, v. 25, p. 513-520, 2009. [in Portuguese]

Francesco Valitutti, MD

Pediatric Gastroenterology FellowDepartment of PediatricsSapienza, University of Rome
Barbato M, Maiella G, Di Camillo C, Guida S, Valitutti F, Lastrucci G, Mainiero F, Cucchiara C
“The anti-deamidated gliadin peptide antibodies unmask celiac disease in small children with chronic diarrhoea”
Dig Liver Dis 2011; 43:465-9
Di Nardo G, Oliva S, Barbato M, Aloi M, Midulla F, Roggini M, Valitutti F, Frediani S, Cucchiara S
“Argon plasma coagulator in a 2-month-old child with tracheoesophageal fistula”
Surg Endosc 2012; DOI 10.1007/s00464-012-2214-7 [Epub ahead of print]
Calasso M, Vincentini O, Valitutti F, Felli C, Gobbetti M, Di Cagno R.
“The sourdough fermentation may enhance the recovery from intestinal inflammation of coeliac patients at the early stage of the gluten-free diet.”
Eur J Nutr 2012; DOI: 10.1007/s00394-012-0303-y [Epub ahead of print]
La Scaleia R, Barba M, Di Nardo G, Bonamico M, Oliva S, Nenna R, Valitutti F, Mennini M, Barbato M, Montuori M, Porzia A, Petrarca L, Battella S, Cucchiara S, Piccoli M, Santoni A, Mainiero F and Palmieri G
“Size and dynamics of mucosal and peripheral IL-17A+ T cell pools in pediatric age, and their disturbance in celiac disease”
Mucosal Immunol 2012 [Epub ahead of print]
Valitutti F, Barbato M, Cucchiara S. “Screening celiac disease in at-risk groups: what’s the impact of diagnosis on the perceived health of children and their families?” Jpgn 2012; 55:365
Valitutti F, Di Nardo G, Barbato M, Aloi M, Celletti I, Trovato I, Pierdomenico M, Marcheggiano M, Cucchiara S. “Mapping celiac disease histologic patchiness by push enteroscopy” gastrointestinal endoscopy 2013 79:95-100
-Valitutti F, Barbato M, Cucchiara S.“Letter: Coeliac Disease And Ischaemic Heart Disease:A True Additional Risk Factor?”.aliment pharm & therap 2013 38:559
-Valitutti F, Trovato Cm, Barbato M, Cucchiara S. “letter: atherosclerosis and coeliac disease--another feature of the changing paradigm?”aliment pharmacol ther. 2013; 38:559.
-Valitutti F, Barbato M, Marcheggiano A, Di Nardo G, Leoni S, Iorfida D, Corazza Gr, Cucchiara S. “autoimmune enteropathy in a 13 year old celiac girl successfully treated with infliximab”. j clin gastroenterol 2014 48:264-6.
-Valitutti F, De Vitis I, Cucchiara S.” letter: follow-up practices in coeliac disease--intestinal biopsy after child-to-adult transition might be useful”. aliment pharmacol ther. 2014;39:234-5.
-Brera C, Debegnach F, De Santis B, Di Ianni S, Gregori E, Neuhold S, Valitutti F. “exposure assessment to mycotoxins in gluten-free diet for celiac patients”. food chem toxicol. 2014;69:13-7.
-Trovato Cm, Albanese Cv, Leoni S, Celletti I, Valitutti F, Cavallini C, Montuori M, Barbato M, Catalano C, Cucchiara S. “lack of clinical predictors for low mineral density in children with celiac disease”. j pediatr gastroenterol nutr. 2014
-Valitutti F, Oliva S, Iorfida D, Aloi M, Gatti S, Trovato CM, Montuori M, Tiberti A, Cucchiara S, Di Nardo G. Narrow band imaging combined with water immersion technique in the diagnosis of celiac disease. Dig Liver Dis. 2014
-Trovato CM, Montuori M, Anania C, Barbato M, Vestri AR, Guida S, Oliva S, Mainiero F, Cucchiara S, Valitutti F. Are ESPGHAN "Biopsy-Sparing" Guidelines for Celiac Disease also Suitable for Asymptomatic Patients? Am J Gastroenterol. 2015;110:1485-9.
- Borrelli O, Pescarin M, Saliakellis E, Tambucci R, Quitadamo P, Valitutti F, Rybak A, Lindley KJ, Thapar N. Sequential incremental doses of bisacodyl increase the diagnostic accuracy of colonic manometry. Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2016;28:1747-1755
-Tiberti C, Montuori M, Panimolle F, Trovato CM, Anania C, Valitutti F, Vestri AR, Lenzi A, Cucchiara S, Morano S. Screening for Type 1 Diabetes-, Thyroid-, Gastric-, and Adrenal-Specific Humoral Autoimmunity in 529 Children and Adolescents With Celiac Disease at Diagnosis Identifies as Positive in One of Every Nine Patients. Diabetes Care. 2016 [Epub ahead of print]
-Valitutti F, Trovato CM, Montuori M, Cucchiara S. Pediatric Celiac Disease: Follow-Up in the Spotlight. Adv Nutr. 2017; 8:356-361.
- Valitutti F, Iorfida D, Anania C, Trovato CM, Montuori M, Cucchiara S, Catassi C. Cereal Consumption among Subjects with Celiac Disease: A Snapshot for Nutritional Considerations. Nutrients 2017 ;9.

Alessandro de Oliveira

ProfessorAdjunto da UniversidadeFederal de São João del-ReiDepartamento das Ciências da Educação Física e Saúde
Academic Formation and Titles:

2011 - 2014 Philosophical Doctor in Science of Nutrition.
Federal University of Viçosa, UFV, Vicosa, Brazil
Title: Circumferences and blood biomarkers: association with Metabolic Syndrome and cardiometabolic diseases in middle-aged men. Advisor: Antônio José Natali and Co-advisors: Helen Hermana Miranda Hermsdorff and Josefina Bressan.
2000 - 2001 Master Degree in Physical Education.
Federal University of Minas Gerais, UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Title: Effect of intensity of exercise and Título: Effect of exercise intensity and thermal environment on internal temperature and acute fatigue in rats. Advisor: Luiz Oswaldo Carneiro Rodrigues
1993 - 1997 Graduation in Physical Education.
Instituto Gammon College – FAGAMMON - Lavras – Minas Gerais – Brazil.

Professional Activities
Since 2006
Professor in Department of Sciences of Physical Education and Health
Federal University of Sao Joao del-Rei – Minas Gerais
Professor in Graduation of Physical Education
Credits: Exercise Physiology I and II, Epidemiology of Physical Activity, Sports Nutrition and Biometric.

Coordinator: Graduation of Physical Education
Federal University of Sao Joao del-Rei


Professor in Physical Education Program, Department of Physical Education; Federal University of Lavras – in construct.
Professor in Interdisciplinary Program in Health, Society and Environment. Department of Medicine; Federal University of Sao Joao del-Rei – in construct
Publications (10 most relevant)

1. CANDIDO, B.A.; GOMES, B. M.; COTA, V. R.; de OLIVEIRA, A; DAMÁZIO, L.C.M. Analysis of the efficacy of two physical training protocols in the motor performance of rats. (2017) Journal of Biology, v.17, p.6 -12.
2. de OLIVEIRA, A; HERMSDORFF, HELEN HERMANA; COCATE, PAULA G; C. DOS SANTOS, ELIZIÁRIA; Bressan, Josefina; Natali, Antônio Jose. (2015). Accuracy of plasma interleukin-18 and adiponectin concentrations in predicting metabolic syndrome and cardiometabolic disease risk in middle-age Brazilian men. Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism (Print). v. 40, 1-8.
3. SILVA, Márcia Ferreira; Natali, Antônio Jose; MOURA, Anselmo Gomes; BELFORT, Felipe Gomes; DRUMMOND, Filipe Rios; CUNHA, Daise Nunes Queiroz; de OLIVEIRA, A; ALBERICI, Luciane Carla, (2015) Attenuation of Ca2+ homeostasis, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial dysfunctions in diabetic rats heart: insulin therapy or aerobic exercise?. Journal of Applied Physiology (1985). v.119: 148-156.
4. COCATE, P. G.; NATALI, A. J.; ALFENAS, R. C. G.; DE OLIVEIRA, A.; DOS SANTOS, E. C.; HERMSDORFF, H. H. M. Carotenoid consumption is related to lower lipid oxidation and DNA damage in middle-aged men. British Journal of Nutrition. , v.1, p.1 - 8, 2015.
5. COCATE, P. G.; NATALI, A. J.; DE OLIVEIRA, A.; ALFENAS, R. C.; HERMSDORFF, H. H. M. Consumption of branched-chain amino acids is inversely associated with central obesity and cardiometabolic features in a population of Brazilian middle-aged men: Potential role of leucine intake. The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging. , v.19, p.1 - 8, 2015.
6. COCATE, PAULA G.; NATALI, ANTÔNIO JOSÉ; de OLIVEIRA, Alessandro; LONGO, GIANA Z.; ALFENAS, RITA DE CÁSSIA G.; PELUZIO, MARIA DO CARMO G.; C. DOS SANTOS, ELIZIÁRIA; BUTHERS, JÉSSICA M.; DE OLIVEIRA, LEANDRO L.; HERMSDORFF, HELEN HERMANA M. (2014) Fruit and vegetable intake and related nutrients are associated with oxidative stress markers in middle-aged men. Nutrition (Burbank, Los Angeles County, Calif.). , v.30, p.660 – 665.
7. de OLIVEIRA, Alessandro; HERMSDORFF, H. H. M.; COCATE, P. G.; (2014) Bressan, Josefina; Novello, Alexandre Azevedo; SANTOS, Eliziaria Cardoso; Natali, Antônio Jose. The impact of serum uric acid on the diagnostic of metabolic syndrome in apparently healthy Brazilian middle-aged men. Nutrición Hospitalaria. , v.30, p.562 – 569.
8. Cocate, Paula Guedes; Natali, Antônio Jose; de OLIVEIRA, Alessandro; de OLIVEIRA, Alessandro; Peluzio, Maria do Carmo Gouveia; Zarpato, Giana Longo; Buthers, Jéssica Miranda; SANTOS, Eliziaria Cardoso; OLIVEIRA, Leandro Licursi de; Alfenas, Rita de Cássia Gonçalves (2014). Usual dietary glycemic load is associated with cardiometabolic risk factors in physically active Brazilian middle-aged men. Nutrición Hospitalaria. , v.29, p.441 – 451.
9. de OLIVEIRA, Alessandro; COCATE, PAULA G; HERMSDORFF, HELEN HERMANA; Bressan, Josefina; DE SILVA, MATEUS FREITAS; RODRIGUES, JOEL ALVES; NATALI, ANTÔNIO JOSÉ Waist circumference measures: cutoff analyses to detect obesity and cardiometabolic risk factors in a Southeast Brazilian middle-aged men population - a cross-sectional study. Lipids in Health and Disease., v.13, p.141 - , 2014.
10. Cocate, Paula Guedes; de OLIVEIRA, Alessandro; Hermsdorff, Helen Hermana Mirande; ALFENAS, R. C. G.; AMORIM, P. R. S.; Zarpato, Giana Longo; Peluzio, Maria do Carmo Gouveia; FARIA, F. R.; Natali, Antônio Jose. Benefits and relationship of steps walked per day to cardiometabolic risk factor in Brazilian middle-aged men. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. , v.x, p.1-5 - , 2013.

Des Bharti, MD, FAAP, MBA

Professor of PediatricsQuillen College of MedicineEast Tennessee State UniversityUSA

May 2004 to Date Professor, Department of Pediatrics, East Tennessee State University and Adjunct Clinical Professor of Ob/GYN, ETSU
2005 to Date Director, SW Virginia CME Conference Committee
July 1996 to April 2004 Associate Professor of Pediatrics, ETSU
July 1990 to June 1995 Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, ETSU
July 1989 to June1990 Attending Neonatologist, Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Queens Hospital Center, New York.
Feb. 1989 to June 1989 Neonatologist, North Shore University Hospital, Cornell University Medical College, New York.
Feb.1987 to Jan. 1989 Neonatal Fellow, North Shore University Hospital, Cornell University Medical College, Manhasset, New York.
June 1984 to Jan. 1987 Pediatric Resident, Flushing Hospital Medical Center, New York.
July 1983 to May 1984 House Officer Ob/Gyn, Wyckoff Heights Hospital, Brooklyn NY.
Feb.1981 to March 1982 House Officer Pediatrics, Garyonis University, Benghazi.
March 1975 to Jan. 1981 Family Practice, India.
March 1974 to Feb. 1975 Resident Internal Medicine, India.
1973 University Medal for Outstanding Performance in Medical School
1993,1995,1997,1998 Dean's Teaching Awards, ETSU
2001, 2002 Nominated for Students Teaching award
1998, 1999 Physician Recognition Award, American Medical Association
2000-20002 American Academy of Pediatrics CME/CPD Award
2009-2011 American Academy of Pediatrics CME/CPD Award
2010 State of Tennessee gave 20 years’ service appreciation award

Medical Licensure
NY #172004, Granted in Aug., 1987 (presently inactive)
TN # MD 20730, Granted in June 1990 (active)
UPIN# E75479
VA Medicaid # 6745466
TennCare Medicaid # 3055700, BlueCare 111481

1989 Diplomate of American Board of Pediatrics (#38672)
1991 Diplomate of Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine (#2235)
1999 Re-Certified, Diplomate Of American Board Of Pediatrics
1999 Re-Certified, Diplomate of Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine
2005 Re-Certified, Diplomate of Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine
2000 MBA Degree from ETSU

Professional Affiliations: AAP, TN chapter of AAP

Hospital Affiliations:
Mountain States Health Alliance Hospitals Including Johnson City Medical center Hospital, Franklin Woods Communities Hospital, Indian Path Medical center in Kingsport, TN.

Additional Qualifications
MBA from East Tennessee State University, 2000 (With Emphasis on Health Related Fields).

Dr. Hala Mohamed Abdel Halim Assem

Professor in PediatricsFaculty of MedicineAlexandria UniversityAlexandria, Egypt
Currently, Dr. Hala Mohamed Abdel Halim Assem is Professor of Pediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt since 2003. For 4 years(2011 to 2015) I have been working also as the Professor in Pediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine, Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon teaching all Pediatrics by the integrated system and with PBL. I am teaching Pediatric Medicine to both undergraduate and postgraduate medical students at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University and in University Hospitals (1985-till now) as well as Nursing students at the Faculty of Health Sciences, BAU (2011, 2012). I attended many workshops about medical education, PBL, and accreditation. I received my Bachelors (1982) and Doctorate (1993) in Pediatrics from the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt, passed American Qualifying Certificate, USA (ECFMG) examination in 1982 and worked as a fellow at Louisiana State University, Louisiana, USA (LSU) (1988-1990). In addition, I worked as the Head of the department of Clinical Medicine at Faculty of Medicine, Beirut Arab University (2013-2014) and head of pediatric hematology/Oncology and genetics unit, department of pediatrics, Alexandria university (2015-2018). Consultant in Pediatrics, Al- Hayat Clinic, Kuwait (2005-2007), and I worked as an Assistant Professor in Pediatrics (1998-2003), Lecturer in Pediatrics (1993-1998), Assistant Lecturer in Pediatrics (1987-1993), resident in Pediatrics (1982-1985) at Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University.
General pediatrics, Pediatric Hematology/oncology, diabetes, and pediatric nutrition.
Alexandria University Scientific Encouragement Award, 2001.
Assem HM, Moghazi K, Yousef M,Shaaban R. Study of bone denisity 25-hydroxy vitamin D and parathyroid hormone in children with sickle cell disease. Accepted for publication 26/2/2018 Alex Journal of Pediatrics.
*Assem HM. Nursing care of infants and children with bronchiolitis. Pe¬diatr Neonatal Nurs Open J. 2015; 2(1): 43-49.
Abd-Elgawad MM, Assem HM, Elbordiny MM. Evaluation of hepatitis B vaccine seroprotection in healthy and polytransfused Egyptian children with B-thalassemia. Egyptian Liver Journal, January 2015; 5 (1) : 1-27.
Moez PS, Farahat N, Hassab H, Assem H. Detection of Hemoglobin F in β Thalassemic Patients by HPLC, Flow cytometry and Electrophoresis: A comparative study. The Egyptian Journal of Hematology 2006; 31 (1): 7-19.
*Soad M Mohamed , Magdi O Abdou , Hala M Assem , Lamia M Soghier. Anticardiolipin antibodies in children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Metabolism 2002 ,19 :1148-52.
*Ashraf T Soliman , Magdi Omar , Hala M Assem , Rania K El Alaily. Serum leptin concentrations in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus: Relationship to body mass index, insulin dose, and glycemic control. Metabolism 2002, 51:292-6.
Assem HM. Abdel Halim NM. Abdel Megeed, M A. Predictors of microvascular complications in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 2002, 16 (2) :345-55.
*Magdy Omar , Mohamed Ibrahim , Hala Assem , Fathi Battah. Teeth and blood lead levels in Egyptian school children:Relationship to health effects. Journal of Applied Toxicology 2001,29:349-52.
Mahmoud Soad, Omar Magdi , Assem Hala, Khalil Ibrahim Saad, Samah Abdel Megeed, M. Ashraf Saad. Subclinical neuropathy in children with IDDM : Peripheral and central nerve functions, Alex Journal of Pediatrics 2001, 15 :319-29.
Mahmoud Soad, Omar Magdi , Assem Hala, Khalil, Ibrahim Saad, Samah Abdel Megeed, M. Ashraf Saad. Subclinical neuropathy in children with IDDM : Autonomic nerve functions. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 2001, 15 :329-34.
Assem HM. , Abdel Halim NM. Antioxidant activity in hematological diseases in children. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 2001, 15 (2):279-82.
Omar M, Elkinany H, Rezk M, Assem H, Shimy N. Biochemical markers of bone formation and resorption in children receiving corticosteroid therapy. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 2000, 14 (2) : 461-7.
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*Hassanein el-S A, Assem HM, Rezk MM, el-Maghraby RM. Study of plasma albumin, transferrin and fibronectin in children with mild to moderate protein-energy malnutrition. Journal of Tropical Pediatrics 1998,44 :362-5.
AbdelFattah M, Mowafy E, Assem HM, Hammad M. Study of systemic effects of nebulized salbutamol in acute asthma in children. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 1997, 11 (1): 43-6.
Mahmoud S, Sedrak M, Assem H, Mowafy E, Moftah A. Lipid profile, Lipoprotein-a and apoprotein A1 and b in children with Nephrotic syndrome. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 1996, 10 (1) : 45-50.
Assem Hala M. , Saad M, Abdel Halim NM. Plasma fibronectin, microalbuminuria and electroretinography in IDDM in the young. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 1996, 10 (2): 129-37.
El-Dardiry S, Abdel Halim N, AbulNaga K, Assem H, Sharaf T. Biochemical Changes during recovery phase of hepatitis A and B: Influence of Schistosomiasis in Pediatrics. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 1996, 10: 51-9.
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El Dardiry SA, AbdelHalim N, Assem HM, Sharaf S, Abo Elazm A. Study of plasma fibronectin, laminin and preprocollagen III in children with viral hepatitis type B and inactive Schistosomiasis. Arab Journal of Laboratory medicine 1996, 22 (2) : 359-70.
Omar M, Rashwan E, Assem HM, AbdelFattah M, Salah N. Polymorphonuclear leukocytes’ chemiluminescence from children with IDDM. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 1995, 9 (2): 161-5.
Mahmoud S, Abdel Aal A, Abdel Fattah M, Assem HM, Fasih N. Lipids profile, and basal insulin levels in obese children. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 1995, 9 (3): 359-63.
Assem HM, ElSebai M, Omar M, Abdel Halim N, Afifi Z. Growth hormone, insulin growth factor-1 and insulin growth factor binding protein-1 in children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 1995, 9 (4): 431-7.
Mahmoud S, Assem HM, ElSebai M, Omar M. Study of Lipid profile, Lipoprotein-a in children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 1995, 9 (2): 203-9.
Mowafy E, Afify Z, Marzouk S, ElSebai M, Assem HM, ElRaies E. Assessment of proteinuria in Nephrotic children using protein to creatinine ratios in single urine samples. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 1994, 8 (1): 63-7.
Abdel Megeed AS, Assem HM. Clinical findings in infants and children with Down's Syndrome. Bull. Ophthalmol 1994, 87: 989-97.
Mahmoud S, , ElSebai M, Elkinani H, Marzouk S Assem HM. Study of cord serum Lipid pattern in newborn infants and its relationship to clinical data. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 1993, 7 (4): 625-35.
Zeitoun M, Madkour A, Madina E, Sharaf S, Hashem E, Assem H. A study on intestinal protein loss in acute infective diarrhea. Alex Journal of Pediatrics 1987, 1(3): 359-66.
Glutathione and glutathione-dependent enzymes in haematological diseases, Hematologica Journal of Hematology. Abstract book 84, June 1999: 96. (EHA4)

Youssef Mohammed Bakr Habib, MD

Pulmonologist in Alexandria Police Hospital(A.P.H)Vice president of Chest Department in Alexandria Police Hospital (A.P.H)Ain Shams UniversityEgypt
• MBBCh, Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University. (2004).
• Master degree in chest disease, Alexandria University (2017).
• Registered for MD in chest disease, Ain Shams University (2017).
Courses and training programs:
• Bronchoscope training course in Mansoura University Hospital.
• Workshop training of bronchoscope in Alexandria police hospital.
• Course of American Colleague of chest Physician.
• Attendance as speaker of The Egyptian Scientific Society of Bronchology (ESSB) 2017.
• Attendance as speaker of Egyptian Society of Chest Disease and Tuberculosis (ESCDT) 2017.
• Member in Egyptian Society of Chest Disease and Tuberculosis (ESCDT)
• Editorial member in pulsus journal.
• Member in British thoracic society (BTS).
• Member of European Respiratory Society (ERS).
• I was invited to present my research in BTS congress 12, 2017.
• My research was published in British medical journal

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